At The Mist Of Dawn

In Twilight new moon Edward left Bella, poor Bella heartbroken, was healing with the love of Jacob Black but then Edward came back and Bella left Jacob. But what if there was a twist what if Bella chose Jacob as her soul mate. This is for the Twilight competition. Please, like and fav and comment because I want to win badly and I love Twilight a lot.


3. It Hurts

I sit on the couch, my eyes on Jacob but my mind elsewhere. I couldn't believe Edward was here. I would of died the day he left me but I kept living for Charlie and Jacob.

When Edward left me, I felt my world had ended but then Jacob came, like a light and healed me wherever Edward had broken. Edward, even his name sounds disgusting, who does he think, coming back here, thinking I would leave Jacob and my life for him. I would of done that, but I knew he never loved me.

I Never Want you

I shake my head from that nightmare, he had said it from his own mouth, that he didn't want me. I had thought maybe he was lying. But I could see from his cold Topaz eyes and from his face, that it was true. He had never wanted me, I had always thought, why someone like Edward Cullen would want from a girl like me.

Even when all my friends had told me that how could someone like Edward Cullen fall for a girl like me, I would think they were jealous maybe they were right. I was just a plain, ordinary, clusmy human called Bella, he was not. But to Jacob, I was beautiful. He didn't care about the way I looked, he loved me for who I am.

I whispered Jacob name lovingly, Jacob, how could I leave Jacob, he was my true love and I would never leave him, for anyone. Before I had believe Edward was everything  my love, life, the reason to live, he believe leaving me was safer, but what didn't he know, was that danger always followed me, after all I was a danger magnet.

"Bella" Jacob exclaimed.

I looked at Jacob, I didn't know he had moved beside me.

"What Jacob" I shouted, then began crying.

"Bella" Jacob repeated.

"I'm sorry Jacob, I was so upset and I took all my anger on you" I cried, shoving my hands on my face.

"Bella, don't cry" Jacob whispered, wrapping his arms on my neck.

I pressed my face tightly on Jacob shoulder, the tears shedding away. Jacob took his hands and placed it on my face, his warm brown eyes glazing onto mine.

"Bella" Jacob whispered, brushing my hair.

That was when I felt I had collapsed  everything Jacob did, reminded me of Edward, it wasn't Jacob fault. no of course not. I began wheezing, struggling hard to breath. Jacob shook me, anger on his face.

"It hurts" I whispered.

"I hate that bloodsucker, leaving and returning, thinking he can come, whenever he wants" Jacob moaned in pain.

"No, Jacob" I mumbled. Jacob took deep breath, trying to calm down.

"Tell me, something else" Jacob ordered.

"I once thought of suicide" I explained in a panic.

"What?" Jacob shouted.

"When he left, I believed suicide was the only thing, that could make me forget him, but I didn't because I couldn't leave you Jacob" I murmured, looking down.

"Bella, oh Bella, you must never leave me" Jacob ordered.

"I'm sorry Jacob" I replied.

"If I died, what would you do?" Jacob asked.

"If you died, I would kill who killed you, then die" I answered.

"Oh Bella" Jacob retorted hugging me.

"I-Can't-Breath" I wheezed. Jacob released me.

I took a deep breath, then with all my force, hugged him tightly, I was never going to let him go.

I will follow you anywhere, even to death

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