Blood, Life, Immortality 2

This is a better version one of my movellas. In hope you like it!! :D Celestia knew someone was out to get her. It had been that way since she had turned 15 last year. But when her remaining family is killed and she is taken peisoner by the lord of darkness, is it too dangerous to fall in love?


1. Place of Darkness

A scream piecered the silence of the night. Celestia ran from her room. As she reached the living room, a horrifing sight reached her eyes. A crimson liquid stained everywhere in sight. It was blood. Sirens wailed in the distance. When the emergency department arrived, her mom and brother were taken away. She knew she would never see them again. Celestia was alone. She had been in care from a young child, she had survived mass murders and train crashes, she was the wonder child, one who survived everything. But along the way, she had lost the foster parents and siblings she loved.

She knew that social services would be around anytime soon. When there was a knock at the door, she knew who would be there. She looked throught the peephole- there stood a group of men who she had never seen before. "Who is it?" she called. Before they gave an answer, the door exploded into a million pieces before her eyes. "What the..." she began, but she never got to finish. Hands as cold and as tough of steel grabbed her from behind. Their was a group of them all the same age, in their late teens. Their features where chisselled of what seem like marbel and their skin, paler than snow. "What are you doing?" Celestia screamed over the chaos. "Kidnapping you" one of the men said. "Why" she asked, but she got no reply.

The men pulled her out of her appartment and down the stairs to their cars. She was pushed in to the back seat of and audi with blacked out windows. Then they sped off.

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