The Things You Never Know You Saw

A young couple, Alan and Crystal Heart, were recently married and went on the honeymoon of their dreams. Their seemingly wonderful vacation turns much worse when they unknowingly witness something they were never meant to see....


6. Honeymoon

That night, I dreamt of my honeymoon.....

      It was all I ever wanted. We had been talking about it since we first started dating. We've always wanted to go to Paris. And we were finally here. I couldn't believe it and it's beauty. The perfect sunset - with pinks, oranges, and yellows mixed together in the most wonderful combination. I could feel the magic of a dream come true. The city of love had me in its grasps.
     We settled ourselves into our hotel, and attemped to sleep. I was too excited to sleep though.  I shook Alan, so as to wake him and not be alone in the darkness.
"Alan", I spoke with the first nudge.
"Hrmmm... No, not the fried eggs", he garbled. He turned back over and continued snoring.
"Alan!", I said, shaking him harder now.
"Hmm? Yes sweetheart? What is it?", he said, finally waking.
"I'm all lonely here in the dark, and I can't sleep. Can we go get some crepes  or something? It may help me sleep."
"Alright, alright, I'm up. Let's go get some crepes."
     He held my hand as we walked down the street in our pajamas, looking for a crepe cart. We found one on the corner, and got chocolate crepes. 
    When we returned to our hotel room, I knew he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep for a while, and neither would I. We climbed back into bed, settled in a bit, and went silent. That was when I made my move.
      I rolled myself over on top of him. I kissed his neck until he moaned. He took his shirt off and flipped us around, so he was on top. He took my shirt off first, and then slowly took off the rest of my clothes. The aroma, the passion, the knowledge of where I was all took me overboard. We have had sex before, but not like this. I don't know how to describe it; it was pretty amazing, to simply put it. Sex in Paris; there is no is better way to do it. 
I was slipping back into the real world........
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