The Things You Never Know You Saw

A young couple, Alan and Crystal Heart, were recently married and went on the honeymoon of their dreams. Their seemingly wonderful vacation turns much worse when they unknowingly witness something they were never meant to see....


7. Breakfast and Hangovers

      When I woke up, my head was spinning. I ached all over. There was a lovely smell coming from my right. I turned to find pancakes, eggs, and bacon on a plate with a rose in a vase on its side. "Alan, you are such a sweetheart", I thought lovingly to myself. I felt a little bad though, since it was my turn to make breakfast. I was so hungry that I didn't really think about that part.
Alan's impeccable timing caused him to walk in when I had a mouth full of pancake and eggs. 
He smiled at me and said, "Honey, do you even taste the food you're eating?"
"Well," I struggled as I swallowed, "I was thinking about it, but then I thought 'Nah, maybe not'."
"Haha! You're such a smart-alike!"
"I know, but you know you couldn't have me any other way, could you?"
"You're right; there is no other way I could have you", he spoke lovingly.
   I swallowed the last bit food in my mouth during our conversation. Then I ran and jumped on the couch, landing myself in an embrace with Alan. We almost fell over, but he balanced us in the nick of time. My head was aching before, but it felt better being in his arms. I couldn't think of any place I'd rather be.
"I love you", I whispered in his ear.
"I love you too. More than anything in the world baby", he whispered back.
   I looked up from his chest and kissed him. His lips were soft and warm. I kissed him a couple more times before I restrained myself; we had things to do today. 
   I handed him my plate and walked towards our bedroom. Mid-walk I turned my head and said, "I had a dream about our honeymoon" in a flirtatious voice. I knew that'd drive him crazy. After a minute he called after me, "Can't we just blow these people off today? I think I'm sick. Cough, cough. You have to stay and take care of me. Please?"
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