How Could This Happen?

One Direction Fan Fiction.
Leah lives in London with her bestfriend. She is dating a idiot of a guy, that quickly is cheating on her. She gets upset and run in to a guy when she runs away from her ex. Read what happens!


15. You've lost my trust

When I walked back down I saw him on the phone. I still didn't trust him, but I didn't want Sophia to grow up without a father. I have to admit that I still love him.. I wish that I didn't, but I can't change my feelings. 

*3 days later*
I watched the celebrity news on TV, while Harry was out with Sophia. I saw the paparazzi surrounding Harry and Sophia. She was crying but he didn't do anything. He just walked there like nothing was happening. I then heard the door slam shut. I walked out to the hallway and saw him standing there. I looked at him with a killers glance. He just stood there not knowing what he did. "What?" He asked. "Where in the name of GOD is my daughter?!" I yelled. "Shit!" he yelled and ran outside for a while then walked back in with my crying daughter. I took her away from him and tried to comfort her, but it was really hard. "You left her outside on the street? You didn't drive so she couldn't have been in your car, you left her there in her stroller?! Now, you've compleatly lost my trust, and the right to know your daughter!" I yelled at him, and noticed that it just made Sophia cry more. "Please, one la-" he started. "You've lost my trust, and you got one chance! and one chance only! So just shut up and leave!" I said mad. He just looked at me with a sad face and left.  

*A few hours later*
I just put Sophia to bed and then I heard my phone ring. I went to pick it up and saw it was a unknown number. I picked up and started a conversation

'So far unknown': Hello? Leah?
'Leah': Yeah, who am I talking to?
'UN': It's Louis.. We need to talk about Harry...
'Leah': Dream on Lou... By-
'Lou': Don't hang up on me! We really need to talk about it! He came home and said he wanted to die! That is serious Leah! He still loves you! That's why he ended it with the other girl. He made a mistake, leaving your daughter out on the street, but please forgive him! He went into the bathroom 20 minutes ago, and haven't come out yet!
'Leah': Then for god's sake Louis go in to the bathroom!!" 
'Lou': Yeah... One sec. 
I heard talking in the background, but I was still worried about him. 
'Lou': He was just sitting there staring at the razor, he couldn't do it.
'Leah': That's a good thing Lou. I've tried to kill myself, I know the feeling he has... But I can't forgive him for this.. 
'Lou': Just please come over... He really need to talk to you...
'Leah': I don't know Lou...

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