How Could This Happen?

One Direction Fan Fiction.
Leah lives in London with her bestfriend. She is dating a idiot of a guy, that quickly is cheating on her. She gets upset and run in to a guy when she runs away from her ex. Read what happens!


10. U sure?

"Hey babe. Go to bed. The doctor said you were on bed rest. So get to bed." He said and tried to take me to bed. I got outo his grip and he tried to catch me, but I was to fast for him. "Hey hey hey... Slow down love. You'll pass out!" He said as he catched me. He pulled me down on the couch and landed on top of me. I just laughed as he kissed me. I kissed back and we quickly began making out. When I pulled away he looked at me with a big smile on his face. Before I could do something he took me to my bedroom and left me there. After a few minutes he came back with a lot of food. I just smiled at him but he left again. I heard some noices and then he came back with my TV in his arms and sat it on the table in front of my bed. "What the bloody hell Harry?!" I yelled. "What? You're going to be bored without it!" He answered wit a big smile on his face. "What about Tina then? What is she going to watch?" I asked and looked questioning at him. "She is spending the weeks with Niall. They're going to Ireland to visit his family. So she won't be home these 3 weeks" he said with a big smile, like he planned something.
Harry's P.O.V
Now that Tina is in Ireland with Niall I can spend 3 whole weeks with my girl! This is going to be perfect. I'll make her feel like a princess and she will be as happy as ever! She will be the happiest girl in the whole wide world. I also planned on taking her to meet my mum and Gemma after these 3 weeks. I know my mum would love her. "Sooo. What movie are we watching?" She said and interupted my thoughts. "You'll pick one and I'll go make some popcorn and find some candy or something" I said and got up from the bed.she nodded as I left the room.
Leah's P.O.V
I found two movies and went to change to my PJ's. I went into the bathroom and saw that the big stain of blood that came from my head a few days ago. I quickly took a towel and wet it, and then washed it off. I saw Harry standing in the door and he looked sad.

A/N: Hey guys! I would love a respons, or something. Would love to hear what you think about this story! Love you for reading this!
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