How Could This Happen?

One Direction Fan Fiction.
Leah lives in London with her bestfriend. She is dating a idiot of a guy, that quickly is cheating on her. She gets upset and run in to a guy when she runs away from her ex. Read what happens!


18. The Plan

Harry's P.O.V.
I was telling the boys about my plan, and they said they would help me. We have a concert tonight and I plan on taking her on stage and make her feel like a princess for the rest of the night. This is going to be amazing. I just hope she don't freak out. "Are you sure she don't have stage fright?" Liam asked. "I don't know mate.. But i really hope she don't, 'cause if she have, it will ruin the whole plan" I said hoping. "I'll call Tina and ask her if she know" Niall said as he stood up walking out of the room. After a few minutes he came back. "She said she couldn't have stage fright because she is in a show choir, and have most of the solos" He said laughing. "Nialler, why are you laughing?" Zayn asked him. "I really don't know... I am just laughing...." He said continuing to laugh. Everyone just laughed at him and continued discussing the plan. 

Leah's P.O.V.
I checked my phone and saw I'd got a text from Harry. It said
"Hey love. Be ready at 6pm there will be a car getting you, and taking you to Paul. He'll take you to me. Remember I will always love you <3 xx. 
-Harry <3

I didn't know how to react to it, but got interrupted in my thoughts by Sophia crying. I went to pick her up because it was time for her dinner, the clock was 2PM. I took her out of her bed and went  down stairs to give her the dinner. When she was done eating my dad and Bethany came laughing into the kitchen. I smile and start talking. "Hi, dad. Hi Bethany" I said with a calm voice as Sophia just fell asleep. "Hello" they said in unison. "Do you mind watching Sophia for tonight? Harry is trying to show me that I can trust him. And he is sending a car that will be here at 6, but I don't know when I'll be home.. So if it's to much, I'll just say I can't go." I said. "We can watch her. She is always so nice when we watch her, so It's not a problem, and you are not using her as a excuse to not see Harry." Dad said, taking Sophia out of my arms without waking her up. "You should go get ready" Bethany said as dad took Sophia away from me. "It's 3 hours 'till he gets here.. I have plenty of time." I said laughing. "But do you know if you're going to be dressy, casual or what so ever?" she said, looking at me. "No... He didn't say..." I said looking at the text Harry sendt me. "Then ask him.." She said walking away. 

I desided it would be the best if I texted him. 
"Hey.. I just have to ask something... What sould I wear?" I sendt it to him and got a quick response."Wear something pretty, wear the dress you wore on our first date" When I saw his response I smiled. Luckily I had packed it. I took a long shower. When I got out of the shower I had 2 hours 'till the car got here. I dried my hair, curled it and did my make up. Then when I was done it was 30 minutes 'till the car got here. I went down stairs and saw my dad and Bethany sitting on the couch with Sophia. "Dad.. You know it is way past Sophia's bedtime...." I said looking at him. "You look beautiful honey. And I know. I'll take her to bed now." He said giving me a kiss on the cheek and went to put her to bed. I watched the telly with Dad and Bethany 'till the door bell rang.

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