How Could This Happen?

One Direction Fan Fiction.
Leah lives in London with her bestfriend. She is dating a idiot of a guy, that quickly is cheating on her. She gets upset and run in to a guy when she runs away from her ex. Read what happens!


16. Don't...

Continuation of the phone call

'Leah': I don't know Lou... If I go see him I will just break down and yell... Please Lou...
'Lou': Leah.. If you dont' come down here he will try to kill himself.. He is a wreck. I'm begging you Leah... For everybodys sake... Please come over...
'Leah': Fine.. I'll be there in 30 minutes.
'Lou': THANK YOU! 

he yelled that and hung up. I walked down to the livingroom and saw my dad sitting there with Bethany. "Hey, can you guys watch Sophia? I have to go do something.." I said as I walked into the room. "Yeah, sure. Where are you going?" They asked. "Just have to fix something I ruined.." I said and walked to my car.

When I got to Harry's appartment Louis came running to the door. "He's in the bathroom" He said as he opened the door. I just nodded and knocked on the bathroom door. "GO AWAY LOUIS!" he yelled. "It's Leah..." I said calmly. "Come in then" He answered. "Hi.. You OK?" I asked and walked up to him, and took the razor he was holding away from him. "No... I just ruined my chance to get to know my own daughter and the chance to get to see you everyday... I am truly, madly, deeply sorry for what I did! I didn't think. I'm an idiot and don't deserve to live, so just give me the freaking razor!" He said and yelled at the last sentence. "Harry... You deserve to live! You deserve a family, a beautifull wife, a wonderfull life! And you proved when you cheated on me that you want better than me! And I don't blame you for that... Because I always knew you wanted better! You wanted better than a girl that tried to kill herself, by stopping to eat. That's how I got my eating disorder. I was a fat and ugly girl, and I got bullied for that, so I didn't want to be fat so I stopped eating, and when I passed out at school I knew that I should start eating again, but I didn't because the bullying got worse and then I desided that it was for the best, if I died from it.. So.. I know how you feel, but you have so much to live for!" I said trying to make him realise that he shouldn't feel like that. He looked up at me with sad eyes and stood up. He walked up to me and took the hand I didn't hold the razor in and pulled me in for a hug. "I didn't cheat on you because I wanted better than you! I did it because I knew you were going to breake up with me because you're to good to me! You don't say that! I love you! I want to be with you! That's all I ever wanted! I made that mistake to cheat on you and I feel really bad about it! I never got over you! I can't believe that I hurt you twice! I never intended to hurt you! Please believe me when I say that I want you back, I want to be your boyfriend, I want to marry you, I want to have more kids with you, I want to start a big family with you and I want to be happy with you!" He said getting closer and closer to my face. 

When he leaned in for a kiss I wanted it sooo bad, but I pulled away... "Don't... Please, Harry.. I love you too, but you did something that's hard to forgive." I said tears streaming down my face.


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