How Could This Happen?

One Direction Fan Fiction.
Leah lives in London with her bestfriend. She is dating a idiot of a guy, that quickly is cheating on her. She gets upset and run in to a guy when she runs away from her ex. Read what happens!


7. Don't Leave Me...

Harry's P.O.V.
We got to the hospital, and the paramedics took her into the hospital. There were some doctors that checked on her, and took her to surgery. One of the doctors came up to me to talk to me. "We are taking her to surgery because she hit her head pretty hard, and she might have a head injury. It might not be a bad one, I think she'll be fine and with just a bit of blood loss. But do she have any allergies or diseases?" "I don't know.. Her best friend is here... So I'll ask her!" I said running to the waitingroom. "Does she have any allergies or diseases?" I aksed Tina quickly. "She has an eating disorder, she is allergic to morphine and local anesthesia..." She said and I ran to tell the doctor. I told him and he went in to the OR. 

I were with Tina and Niall in the waiting room. I had my head in my hands and was almost crying. Some fans came up to us, but I didn't give them an autograph or anything. I were so sad that I couldn't move anything. The doctor came out and I looked up as Tina tapped my shoulder. I stood up as the doctor started speaking. "She is out of surgery, and she did very good. She made it through and she will probably be as she was before." he said and I felt cheered up by the good news. "Thanks, can I go see her?" I asked with a smile on my face. "Yes, but don't ask to many questions" I nodded and went to her room. I saw her lying on the bed while her chest moved up and down as she breathed. "Hey love. Promise me something.... Don't leave me! Don't ever leave me! I can't live whithout you! So please don't leave me" I said and sat down on a chair on the side of her bed. I grabbed her hand carefully and quickly fell asleep.

Leah's P.O.V.
"Don't Leave me! Don't ever leave me! I can't live without you. So please... Don't leave me" I heard Harry say and grabbed my hand. I felt my head pounding as I tried to open my eyes. I gave up trying and fell asleep. I felt someone grab my hand and then I fell into my dreams.

The next morning I heard someone talking in the room and tried to open my eyes. I tried for a while and finally did it. I saw Harry, Tina and Niall talking about something. They looked at me as I made a noice of pain. "Oh my god. You're awake. You don't know how much I've worried about you! Don't ever do that again" Harry said and kissed my head. "I'm sorry, but this wasn't my fault... I didn't mean to scare you, but I couldn't wake up. I tried to when you came in and started talking. I wanted to say something but I was in so much pain and didn't And by the way.. I love you!" I said smiling and kissed him. "I was so worried about you" He said. Giving me a light kiss on the cheek. "But you didn't tell me that you had an eating disorder...." He said and looked at me with a sad look. Sh**.......

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