The Reaper Diaries

Louise has an unusual job, to say the least.
She's death.
But it's not what you think.

Wouldn't it be awfully lonely to have to go alone?


4. Joshua


You’ve even gotta walk murderers down, of course. It’s hard to know what to say to them. Hey, sorry about the death penalty, hope you aren't too broken up over it? I’d never really thought about my opinion on the death penalty in life. Doesn't seem like it accomplishes much, from where I’m standing.

Joshua said almost nothing the whole time. The place he’d conjured up was a garden, too. Looked a bit like mine. But it was night. There was a bonfire running. Kids around.

“How’d you die?”

“Killed a guy. Got killed. Killing people because killing people is wrong.”


He just walked up to the damn door, opened it and slammed it shut. 

Fair enough.

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