Twilight: A Jacob And Renesmee Love Story

For the Twilight Competition, would mean so much if you liked and favourited it :D
Bella and Edward are happily married and their little Renesmee is all grown up. The only thing Bella and Edward don't know is that their precious daughter is dating Bella's former lover Jacob Black. How will things turn out?


3. Sneaking Out

Renesmee made a pile of her clothes on her bed, then shoved them into her bag which, she then swung over her shoulder. She looked around at her empty bedroom. Such good memories, she thought. I have to leave, there's nothing for me here. I have to leave with Jacob. 

Renesmee made her way over to her window. She opened it with a mighty effort, it was always so hard to open. Jacob stood at the bottom leaning against the trunk of a tree, a bag dangling from his hand. Without hesitation Renesmee swung her leg over the windowsill and tightened her grip on the window frame. "Oi! Throw your bag down!" Jacob shouted at her.

"Be quiet, do you really want me to get caught?" Renesmee said as she threw the bag down to him. 

"Jump, I'll catch you," he said in a quieter voice. 

Renesmee took a deep breath, then, with a sudden swooping feeling in her stomach let go of the window frame and found herself falling two stories. Jacob was right, he did catch her. "Thank God you weren't lying," Renesmee said with a sigh of relief. 

"Do you really think I'd do that?" Jacob asked her placing her safely on her feet again. 

"Honestly . . . yes," she replied picking up her bag and beginning to walk. "I'm free now! I can do whatever I want!"

Jacob laughed as he began to walk. Then, he suddenly stopped with a scared look on his face. "Renesmee, run!"

"What?" She said with a smile as she turned around to face him. She stopped, her smile vanished. Edward was standing behind her. His eyes darted back and forward from Jacob to Renesmee to the bags. "Father, this isn't what it looks like."

"So what is it then? Going on a camping trip? A walk in the woods?" Edward said with a frown. 

Renesmee shook her head. What was going to happen? 

Edward walked up to her and cupped her face with his cold hands. "You can't do this, think about your future, your life."

"I have thought about it! And it belongs with Jacob! I love him," Renesmee explained, shaking her fathers hands of her face. "I don't belong with you or mother. I belong right here."

Renesmee walked over to Jacob and put her hand in his. Jacob smiled down at her. "You can't stop her Edward. It's her life," Jacob said to Edward. "I know it pains you to hear it but we love each other."

Edward sighed. "Promise me one thing Jacob. That you will love her everyday and you will keep her safe."

Jacob nodded. 

"And Renesmee, promise to stay with Jacob, he'll keep you safe and if you need anything, your mother and I are always here." 

Renesmee nodded. "I'm going to miss you," she said as a tear ran down her cheek. 

"Stay safe, I will love you always."

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