Twilight: A Jacob And Renesmee Love Story

For the Twilight Competition, would mean so much if you liked and favourited it :D
Bella and Edward are happily married and their little Renesmee is all grown up. The only thing Bella and Edward don't know is that their precious daughter is dating Bella's former lover Jacob Black. How will things turn out?


2. An Open Window

Renesmee lay back on her bed. She had left Jacob without an answer to his question. What was she going to do? Disobeying her parents was a bad idea and Renesmee knew it. She couldn't leave town, where would she go? 

But then she did love Jacob and he loved her. They were perfect together. But running away was not the answer, not the right answer anyway. 

Renesmee lay there and closed her eyes tightly. Her bronze curls pooled as she gently put her head back on the pillow. She breathed deeply as images passed in her mind. It was like she was watching through a port hole of a ship, the water making everything slightly blurry. A young girl and someone taller, more manly were running. Running through trees and making the autumn leaves crunch beneath their feet. The images cleared to reveal a younger Renesmee and Edward, her father. She smiled as he started throwing golden leaves at his daughter.

A third person came into Renesmee's view. This time they were thinner and had long brown hair like silk, flowing down their back. It was Renesmee's mother, Bella. She began speaking to them, explaining something Renesmee could not hear. The daughter and father looked frightened, perhaps a little worried. Then, a roar that made Bella jump and huddle in with her family. 

A wolf appeared, circling the family. The older Renesmee started shaking, her head twitching trying to get the image out of her head. Suddenly, the images disappeared in a haze of smoke. A warmth spread through her from her lips making her head stop twitching and her eyes open wide. A russet coloured face was just inches from Renesmee's. Hazel eyes were staring into hers and perfect smile beamed at her. "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

Renesmee gasped as she sat up forcing the person backwards. "What the hell?!" She yelled at him. 

Jacob was perched on the end of her bed. "Sorry," he said, his smile disappearing. "Are you okay?" He added when she was gasping for air.

"Oh, it's you Jacob . . . I'm fine, you just scared me that's all," Renesmee said apologetically. She sat up and snuggled into his muscular arms, resting her head on his shoulder.

"What were you dreaming about?" Jacob asked her as he ran his fingers through her curls. "Me?"

"Yes, I was dreaming about you but not in a good way," Renesmee explained as she moved closer to him. "It doesn't matter. Wait! You can't be her-!"

Jacob put his finger on her lips to quieten her. "I know I can't be here, I just wanted to see you again," he said kissing her cheek.

She blushed slightly. "We just met an hour ago," she laughed. "Why are you actually here, Jacob?"

"I just finished telling you."

"That wasn't true. I can tell," Renesmee said cleverly. 

"Fine. I'm here because I need an answer. An answer to the question, Renesmee," Jacob said as he held her hands in his own.

This was what she was afraid off. His question that she didn't want to answer. She could not cope with her parents distress or with breaking Jacobs heart, but she had to choose one and only one. "I'm not sure, I can't leave my parents and I can't leave you because . . . I love you."

Jacob sighed. "I know. I'm so stupid," he said standing up and making his way to the open window that Renesmee guessed was the entrance he had used.

"No, you're not stupid Jacob," Renesmee said standing up and walking over to him. She looked into his hazel eyes and kissed him. "I'll do it. I'll run away with you, Jacob."

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