It's all about the love we share

This fanfiction is about Demi Lovato's life after her date with Niall. She says she isn't going to date anyone for one year but will she keep her word after she falls for Niall again. Will he make her change her mind again or will she stay single.
I am not really good at writing summarys but I promise the story is good. I hope you enjoy it! :) XXX


1. My date.....

Some of you may know me as singer and x-factor judge. Well I am both of those things but also a normal person like you. Its a week till Valentines day and well, I am on a date with Niall. Yes Niall Horan from One Direction. This date is more like a friendly date. I said I wasn't going to be in a 'relationship' for a year and I am still sticking with my word. I really like Niall but I am just not ready.

We are eating chinese take-out on the couch and watching 'Valentines Day' since its a week away. We finished our food and now the plates were sitting in front of us on my coffee table. We got into a snuggling position and snuggled. We didn't really speak, just enjoyed each other company. I felt Niall's hand touch mine and I knew the signal he gave me. I grabbed it and we held hands for a while. I hope the paparazzi don't find out cause fans will litterally flip! Simon will get mad and get the wrong idea, I will get some hate saying 'Stay away from my Niall' and all that shit. I really didn't care but I just don't want that happening.

I will NOT kiss Niall. Kisses connect to my heart and I will fall in love in seconds. The holding hands and snuggling is on yellow light but kissing is totally on red. He knew it and respected my choice. He told me that he was going to wait. It's really sweet that he is but I might like someone else in a year. I bet he will have another girlfriend at that time but hopefully it will turn out differently but lets not skip to the future. I didn't relize it but I fell asleep thinking about him in his warm arms.


"Demi? Wake up. Wakey wakey. Demmmmmiiiii." I heard a irish accent. I slowly opened my eyes and saw myself inches away from Niall's face.
"Oh good your awake. I made you some breakfast. Pancakes and bacon. Your favorite breakfast." He said while smiling from cheek to cheek.
"How did you know that was my favorite breakfast?"
"I remember you telling me last night. Now come on before it gets cold." He said while helping me up. I stretched and followed him into the dining room. It had two plates sat out with pancakes and bacon like he said.
"Thank you Niall. This was really sweet of you." I said while sitting in front of him.
"No problem Demi" he said while smiling again. I buttered and drizzled syrup onto my pancakes and started munching on the bacon. He buttered and drowned his pancakes and started eating his bacon too. I cut my pancakes and started eating them. He did the same and the whole morning we talked and laughed like a couple. Maybe one day we will. It is a possibility but that might be in a year from now. I am just going to enjoy being with Niall right now.

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