team jacob

you guys know the twighlit love story well that comes to a change bella and jacob are going out then jacob is at a resturant by himself when he meets amber. what will happen to jacob and bella will the break or will they stay togther or will amber die of an acident cause of edward.....


3. the falling

Ambers P.O.V.

its all started with me waking up not rembering how did i get to where i was. i guess i must have past out. i  was hungry i havent eaten for a month. so i decided to stop at  wendys even though i dont have any money. i push the door open . i look around . i see a cute boy but i dont even try what would a cute boy want to do with me. i walk to an empty table and sit there. the cute boy i saw ealier is sitting a few tables away from me . i see the manger walking towards me i just stay sitting down . "come on you have to leave if you dont have any money to buy something . you got to leave or im ging to have to kick you out" the manger said . i dont replay . im just looking down at the table . i guess the cute boy felt bad for me cause the next thing you know he is saying" hey im sorry sir she is with me i must have sit at the wrong table."  "oh " the manger said the cute boy waits for the manger leave . "hey whats your name" he asks "my name is amber, thank you for what you did " i say  "its okay have a burger" he says  "thank you i havent eaten in a month " i say while opening the burger  "hey amber do you have a place to sleep or a home" he asks . when he asks that i get a flash back. 


its november 21 my birthday. it was a good day so far . i had a house ,food .  "happy birthday honey" john said  "oh thank you " i said while fixing the way i was sitting. john had made me panckes, eggs , and hot coco. breakfeast in bed .   fast foward a little bit.  it was now after noon   i get a call from john he had to go to work . "hello my sweet cakes" i say "hey sweet fries " he said "amber ... listen im sorry to tell you this on your day but .. where over . done . no more " he said  "what ???????????????" i say i was sad now i just hung up my phone packed up my bags. i started packing cause its his house not mine . i pick up the bags  and left the house .  i had no home now so i lived on the streets from that day on .


 I SHAKE MY HEAD NO .  "hey listen ." i say she looks up "listen amber, if you need a place to go you can come with me ."he says  i  sollowes the food i have  in my  mouth . " thank you for the offer but you have already have done alot for me "  i say  " that wasnt an  offer that was a order" he  says while laughing.  "finish that burger and we will go back to my place , okay " he says "yes sir" i said like a soldier. 


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