team jacob

you guys know the twighlit love story well that comes to a change bella and jacob are going out then jacob is at a resturant by himself when he meets amber. what will happen to jacob and bella will the break or will they stay togther or will amber die of an acident cause of edward.....


2. the call

edwards P.O.V.

im in the woods lurking around.  RING RING. i picked up phone. "hello" i said  "hello is this Edward" the man said. "yes it is" i say . "well edward your wife ... bella died " the man said "what hospital is she in " i asked while wipeing blood of my face.  "saint johns hospital" the man said . i hang up the phone put it back in my pocket and head to the hospital. 


Amber just finished her burger . i get up and take the tray and throw the trash out . amber is just sitting there . i go back to the table where she is sitting "come on amber lets go to my place" i say "okay sir"she say while getting up and pushing in her chair. we walk out the door and to my car . i have a smile on my face for no sudden reason. i look at amber . she has a frown on her face. we get to my car i open the door for amber. "thank you sir" she says  "your welcome " i say. i go walk to my side of the car . i open my door . i sit down . after a few quiet moments i turn the car on and start driving to my place . amber seems so quiet. "so amber my name is Jacob." i say "hey Jacob " she says she just continues looking out the window. i stop the car.  i get out the car , close my door  and open amber door. i open the door and we walk into my house. its kinda big . "wow" amber says  i take of my jacket and hang it up . "umm do you mind if i take a shower i have spare cloths in my bag " amber says while taking something out of her pocket.  "sure hold on let me get you a towel." i say  i go upstairs and get a towel for her.  "here you go amber" i say while handing her a towel.  "thank you so much jacob. for all you have done " she says while going to the bathroom to take a shower. ring ring . my phone rings . i go to the kitchen to get . "hello Edward  i say  "hey son what  the hell happened  my wife bella " edward said   "what are you talking about i was just at wendys she had to go to work " i say " no you basturd she is dead she died in a car accident" edward screams at me  . " jacob i need you to hand me the bag i left out on the couch , im sorry" amber said  "who is that , tell me !!!! who the hell is that where you cheating with bella " edward asked "no  theres a girl im helping i got to go sorry " i said "okay amber hold on " i say i grab the bag amber left on the couch . knock knock "amber its me can i come in " i ask " umm sure its your bathroom " she say with a little laugh .  i open the door i sit down on the toilet seat . i hand her the bag she tells me to turn around i do what she asks .  when she tells me its okay to turn around i see her all dressed up and looking beautiful  "wow " i say when i say that she blushes . she is just like a little kid so cute. i pat my lap for her to sit on. she sits on my lap . "hey amber umm .... you look nice " i say  she blushes again    


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