team jacob

you guys know the twighlit love story well that comes to a change bella and jacob are going out then jacob is at a resturant by himself when he meets amber. what will happen to jacob and bella will the break or will they stay togther or will amber die of an acident cause of edward.....


1. a noraml day

jacobs P.O.V

its just a noraml day its 75 degrees outside . I was hungry so i decide to eat at wendys . i am at the register telling the man my order . "that will be twenty dollors" the man says "okay here you go" i give the man the twenty . i wait for them to call my number.  My girlfriend Bella was suppose to meat me hear a few minutes ago . I hear the door open . i automatcly look , its not bella but it is someone pretter.  "number 40" someone kept say . i look at my recipt "oh " i say to my self . "over here" i say. i take my tray  an walk to a table and sit. a few tables away the girl is sitting alone. she is hunched over the table. the manger is walking towards her "come on you have to leave if you dont have any money  to buy something . you got to leave or else or im going to kick you out. " the manger said . i felt bad for her. "hey im sorry sir she is with me i must have sit at the wrong table." i say  i pick up my tray and sit in front of her . "oh sorry then " the manger says . i wait for him to leave "hey whats you name" i ask "my name is amber , thank you for what ever you just did." amber says  "its okay here have a burger" i say . "thank you , i havent eaten in a month " she says before taking a bite into that burger . "hey do you have a place to sleep or a home ." i ask  she sakes her head no .  "hey listen ." i say she looks up "listen amber, if you need a place to go you can come with me ." i say  she sollowes the food she had in her mouth . " thank you for the offer but you have already have done alot for me " amber says. " that wasnt an  offer that was a order" i say while laughing.  "finish that burger and we will go back to my place , okay " i say "yes sir" she said like a slodier .  She was so cute . "what am i thinking i have a girlfriend , i wonder where she is right now. " i thought myself .


jacob decide to go to wendys to get some food . i got to go to work. i get my keys and walk out side the house .  i get inside my car and start to drive . the lie was clear not a single car but mine. so i picked up speed. but someone was comeing faster than my car and my car and his car colled my car fliped over to the top of the roof . thank god i had my seat belt on but i didnt fell good . i start seeing the light . but the police come and take me out of my car and to the hospital. it was to late thought . i flowed the light .

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