This poem talks about a flower being appreciated by someone. The persona is impress with the beauty of the flower and praises the creator of the flower.

In this poem i am experimenting with subject matter (Flower) in a broader perspective, the flower can mean a lot of things and poetry lover can surely get the meaning behind this poem.

As usual, it is written in plain words but yet have an in-depth meaning.


1. N/A

Hey Flower!

Who put you there?

Don't you know what you are?

You are rare and precious

Like the first

In a drought infested land.


Hey Flower!

I love it when the smiling sun

falls upon your blushing leaves

And makes the mossy footed worms

Look with lustful glares

Upon your tender cheeks.


Hey Flower!

Beauty comes and goes

But yours rises and grows

I know your created is in peace

Because he molded such a masterpiece.

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