I have dreamt one night


1. my poem

I have dreamt one night I understand the life and the life understand me. I talk to life and the life talk to me. I listened life`s voice and the life listened my voice. I saw the reversal life `s picture on mirror that mirror smiled to me.

I have dreamt one night the racism finished when we listened it we joke. Racism was a storm it destroyed us but we can build ourselves together.We can it finished when last black person shake last white person.

I have dreamt one night we live in peace and the peace lives with us. The wars finished if the wars finished we can see the sun better than now.The war was a black book we read it and we got the last moral from it then we fired it.

I have dreamt one night I was in roomy green land.I can inhale the life`s air. There was a lake.The lake opposite my picture and I opposite life is picture in my heart. I can see the birds dance on life `s tone. In that land there weren`t stones because all the stones we moved them to achieve our dreams.There were green trees there was no price to eat from these trees.All the people are happy there because the life smile to them.The sunset gaze was red.That sunset fired us to begin new life with new page.That page we will write on it what we learnt from the life after we finished we will do our dreams.

I have dreamt one night 

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