This one of those poems which laments on the impact of loneliness and the cruelty of the world. Its a realistic poem with a lot to learn and share with it.


1. N/A

It's late year ending

And people going far place

For me, it's time for meding

The heart shattered by yearning .


Acquaintances become estrange

Trying to pursue knowledge

In far away Metropolis

I'm forced to maintain this lonesome policy.


Its not my wish

But their wishes

For me to be the lone one

And all time feel down.


Loneliness for some is a myth

Yes, I mean the lucky ones

But for others, I mean people like me

It is a mantra we chant day in-day out.


It sometimes stats with success

Then enters bad luck in excess

So does failed promises

You are in the lonesome premises



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