Never Ending Promises

Love is very powerful. People say I love you but don't really mean it. That's why Jennifer is always a bitch and never in a TRUE relationship. She doesn't believe in love if the other person always gets hurt. Thats why there are divorces and break ups. But after she falls for Louis Tomlinson, she is never the same. Is this only a summer love?
I am not really good with these but I promise the story is really good! Hope you enjoy it! :) XXX


1. Kisses, Love, Sex, and Louis

Jennifer's POV

It all started with a simple but passionate kiss. It was the night of Halloween. I was walking on the street with my two best friends, Ally and Samatha. I was dressed in a little slutty bunny oufit that stopped at my bum leaving my legs bare. Ally was wearing a slutty pirate costume that stopped at her upper thigh just below her bum. Sam was wearing a cat costume. It was a little slutty but cut off at her mid thighs. We were popular and a little bitchy. We were just walking to Louis Tomlinson's flat for his party. We were basically frenemies. We got on each others nerves but sometimes flirted with each other for the fun of it. We had finally reached his flat. The flat was already full with people and loud music.
Ally was dragging me through the large flat when I felt someone grab my bum. I looked to see who it was and of course, it had to be Louis.
"Hello slut!" He yelled so i could here him over the music. I rolled my eyes and continued walking with Ally leading me and Sam.
"Where are you taking us?" I asked ally. She didn't answer, just kept on walking. We finally stopped in the living room. There were lots of drunk teenagers passed out on the floor on top of each other. I laughed to myself when I saw Luke, my best friend. His darkish blond hair was a mess and Ashley, his girlfriend's hair all over the place. The party only started an hour ago and he was already passed out. He was more like a friend than anything else. He was hot and all but I didn't see him in that way.

I laughed a little more but Ally continued walking. She lead me into the kitchen and FINALLY she stopped. She got three cups and filled them with vodka. She gave each of us one and we gulped it all down like it was water. We could feel a little burn in our throats but soon it went away. I was about to have another cup but I felt two arms wrap around my waist. I looked done at the hands and could tell that it was Louis'. I turned around and looked at his cheeky little smile. He was obviously drunker than I was and I could feel his hands going up my tight costume. I slapped his hands and gave him 'the look'. He chuckled under his breath and dragged me to the crowd of drunk people. I tried to go back to the kitchen but his strength and grip was to strong. He pulled me in the sweaty crowd of dancing people. He started dancing all dirty like against me but I pushed him away.
"Babe relax." He said slowly. I hated it when he got drunk. He always got sexual feelings toward me. He stopped dancing and got closer to me. He layed his soft lips on my jawline and lower and lower to my neck leaving love bites. He found my sweet spot and sucked on it making me moan. Wait what??? No! I pushed him away from me and walked back to the kitchen and no surprise that Louis was following me like a lost puppy. I knew I wasn't going to get rid of him that easily. He came up behind me and turned me around. He picked me up and slung me over his shoulder.


"Louis!! Let me down!!" I yelled pounding with my fists on his back. He did this to me every time I went to his partys. I shouldv'e known better. We always ended up having sex every time. Louis always liked me but I had no feelings for him. I did this with a lot of guys, have sex with them and forget about it and never talk to them at school ever. People say I am a slut. I can be when i want to. Louis continued carrying me until we stopped in his room. Great! He opened the door and carried me inside. He shut the door with his foot and locked it with a key and put the key in his pocket so I wouldn't escape him that easily. He threw me on the bed causing me to bounce up a little bit. I can admit that I wanted sex with him but not that badly so I decided to play along. He came up to me and smashed his soft lips against mine. His lips tasted like mints. Wait mints? I thought he was drunk? I pulled away from the kiss and he looked confused.
"Wait your not drunk?" I said thinking he was a really good actor. He looked guilty. Busted!
"I um.... No" he said while looking at the ground. I laughed a little In my head and moved closer to him. I ran my hand up and down his thigh causing his erection growing larger.
"You tease!" He said and smashed his, hungrily on mine. I could say I wanted to do this with him a lot but all I wanted was him. Wait what did I say? No I meant pleasure. I could not believe I said that. I pushed that thought away and ran my fingers through his hair. He broke the kiss and moved straight to my sweet spot on my neck. I moaned from the feeling and continued playing with his hair.

I was now laying down with him on top of me in just his black boxers. I was only wearing my underwear and he was rubbing my clit causing me to moan.
"Lo- louis I need you in me." I said. He was teasing me and grinning big. "Beg." He said and I could see his smile grow bigger. "fu- fuck louis! I ne- need you in me!" I yelled a little louder where he could only hear me. He took off my underwear and threw them like a peice of trash. He took off his boxers and did the same. He put one of his long fingers inside of me then put another one causing me too moan. He started going slow causing me to get sexually fustrated.
"Lou I need you!!" I said. He took out his fingers and without warning he thrusted in me fast causing me to shut my eyes. His length was long and hard to get used to. He started moving and got faster and faster. He was at a pretty fast speed and I grabbed on to the sheets and screamed with pleasure. He was breathing harder and so was I. He hit my g-spot over again causing moans to escape my mouth.
"Shit! Your so tight!" He said.

I felt his thrusts getting slower and sloppier about 10 minutes later. He thrusts one hard one and collapsed beside me trying to catch his breath. We were laying side by side breathing heavily and sweating a lot. When we managed to catch our breath, he rolled to face me. He moved a strand of my brown hair behind my ear and gently touched my cheek and caressed it. I felt sparks fly through my body from his touch. My body was acting weird. Getting all these weird feeling. He gently moved to my ear and whispered, "I have been waiting for this without any of us drunk." His voice left shivers through my body. My feelings toward him changed. I felt love. He moved his body closer to me and I fell asleep in his arms.

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