Cindy Ella (Niall Horan Love Story)

Cindy Ella loves her life! Note the sarcasm, please. Cindy is a maid in a big famous cruise ship. Which is owned by her godmother, which is strict at most of the time. What happens when all of a sudden, her godmother lets loose, for one day, and Cindy meets someone rather 'interesting', you could say?


18. We have a deal!

Thursday afternoon, two days after Christmas. Snow falling outside of the window in the guest bedroom. My eyes closed gently. My ears listening to the melodic piano being played. The scent of cinnamon flowing through the room. My right elbow leaned on top of the piano as my hands fiddle with each other. 

I took a deep breath as the note played before I started.

"White lips, pale face. Breathing in snowflakes. Burnt lungs, sour taste." I sang. I fell in love with the song on the ride home to Lucy's house the day before. I learnt it and practiced with Lucy as she played the piano. My eyes squinted as I would hit the high notes and my lips would curl into a half smile as I would get it. 

" 'Cause we're just under the upper hand, and go mad for a couple grams." My voice echoed in the half empty room. I finished the song with a big sigh. Lucy smiled at me getting up.

"You know Cindy? I think you're ready," she said wrapping me in a warm hug. I smiled heading over to the bed. 

"You really think so Mrs.Grey?" I asked grabbing my coat that lied on the pillow. 

"I already told you, call me Lucy, and yes, now we better get going before we're late!" she chuckled heading out the door. I chuckled as well as I followed her. 

I asked to practice once more before leaving so I was ready. I sure hope Lucy's right. I hopped inside the car and she drove to the same tall building from the day before. This time, I looked up to see in big, red, bold letters, Rubyworks.

I got out of the car waiting for Lucy as she got out from the driver's seat. I kept quiet once we got inside the building and headed for the elevator. Lucy probably noticed how nervous I was because she took a hold of my hand.

"Cindy, you're great. You'll do fine." she told me and I nodded giving a small smile. A nervous smile. 

The doors opened, and I followed her down to a different room. As she opened the door, she held it open for me to walk in. I walked in slowly looking around the big room. There were four other people in the room, two guys in black suits, a women in a fancy skirt and shirt. Then, in the corner of the room at a table, was a guy around my age probably. He had light brown hair that swayed to the side and bright blue eyes that I could spot from the door. He was leaned against the chair with an elbow on the table. He looked nervous as he shook his right leg over his left.

"Hi, you must be Cindy Ella," the woman said coming up to me and shaking my hand. I smiled taking it. The other guys did the same. 

"Ready when you are Cindy," one of the men said as they all sat down behind a table. Lucy walked over to the piano and waited for my nod. I nodded and she started playing each note that we had practiced. I sang, as if it were my only chance, and it was. 

As I finished the song, one of the men stood up applauding. My nervous smile turned into a grin. I bit my lip to keep from looking like an idiot. "Now Lucy! You're taking your friend to the New Years party, right?" I looked at my aunt.

She smiled winking at me. "Of course I am Tom, only the best for the best party of Dublin right?"

I gasped looking back at the others. "Right," he said flicking his index finger. 

"Great, but we have a proposition first," said the other guy in the suit. "Mrs.Miller , have you ever done a duet?"

I looked at him biting down on my bottom lip. I shook my head trying to think, "Not that I remember, sir."

"How would you like to be signed with Rubyworks as a group with Mr.Lyons?" he said pointing to the guy sitting in the corner. He stood up pulling up his pants and standing next to the other three that were now in front of me.

"Uh, I mean, I've never really been in a group." I shrugged. 

"It's up to you, Mr.Lyons already agreed if we decided to let you in. If you agree, Mrs.Millers, then you guys will do a duet at the party." he said.

I thought about it for a couple seconds. Why not? I thought. "Okay," I said simply. He smiled for the first time since I was in the room.

"Yeah, we have a deal!" he shouted making me jump. Everyone chuckled at his sudden change.

"Don't worry, you get used to it," Lucy said into my ear, making me chuckle.

We all sat at the table as they discussed all the information. I nodded every once in a while so they knew I was paying attention. They then had us, and as in us I mean me and that other guy, sign a contract. I'm not stupid, so I took a glance at the contract before signing it. I smiled to myself. "Wow I'm signed to a record label," I thought. 

"Okay, I was thinking about you guys do the song Lucky by Jason Mraz. You'll be in masks, so everyone will be asking who the new duet is," the man, who I learned was Patrick, said before leaving with a pile of papers.

"Alright, bye sweety," the woman, Kelcy, said leaving as well.

"Nice job, you two!" Tom said gathering his papers and following the others. 

Lucy came up to me bringing me into a tight embrace. I hugged her back, "Thanks. You made my hobby into my career."

"You'll have to work harder now on this hobby!" she said. I nodded. "Oh, I have to go turn in some paper work, you can stay in here, you guys get to know each other." She left with  pile of paper just like Patrick. Well, at least she was coming back. I was already so lost in my dreams, and this huge place. 

"I'm Adam," the guy said interrupting from my thoughts.

"Cindy Ella," I muttered.

"Do you play any instruments?" he asked scratching the back of his neck. I shook my head pressing my lips together. He made an O shape with his mouth as he walked over to the guitar next to the piano. "Well, how about we do Lucky, with just the guitar? Let's see what it sounds like?" 

"Um, Okay," I agreed as I walked over to him. He strummed his fingers with the beat of the song, which I already knew, and apparently he did too. "Do you hear me? I'm talking to you, across the water across the  deep, blue ocean under the open sky. Oh my, baby I'm trying."

"Boy I hear you in my dreams. I feel your whisper, across the sea. I keep you with me in my heart. You make it easier when life gets hard." I sang after hearing his voice. He was really good. We sounded good together. I started to swing my arms slightly as I got into the music. 

I jumped once I heard clapping from behind me. "Great job you guys, more practice and it'll sound prefect! Sorry to interrupt at the beginning of the song but you'll have plenty of time these three days before the party to practice, but for now we gotta go!" Lucy said quickly. I nodded smiling and looked back at Adam. I waved to him as I grabbed my coat off the rack.

"Bye," he said with a smile. "See you tomorrow."


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