Cindy Ella (Niall Horan Love Story)

Cindy Ella loves her life! Note the sarcasm, please. Cindy is a maid in a big famous cruise ship. Which is owned by her godmother, which is strict at most of the time. What happens when all of a sudden, her godmother lets loose, for one day, and Cindy meets someone rather 'interesting', you could say?


11. Uh Oh

I opened my eyes slightly and looked to the side. "Why does this always happen to me," I groaned. I looked at Niall who was snoring slightly. I chuckled slightly, then furrowed my eyebrows as I thought of last night. What happened? I went to the VIP room and then what? I'm stupid, I probably did something stupid. Niall started to move around, I hesitantly tapped his shoulder. 

"Hmm?" he groaned, opening his eyes slowly. He fluttered his eyes multiple times, "Oh, uh, hi."

I waved my hand slightly, "Hi." I admit, I was a little embarassed for not knowing what happened. "Um, do you know what happened?" I asked getting up from my bed.

"No," he shook his head, I could see a smirk on his lips.

*knock knock*

Both of our heads snapped towards the door. I looked back at him signaling himm to wait for one second. I walked over to the door, turning the lock, and coming face to face with Isabel.

"Yes?" I asked her, I felt a little bit of tension in the air.

"I came here to tell you that you may now leave the room if you will not pay for it." she said sternly.

"What? I haven't even got a plan yet," I said confused. What was she talking about.

"Well, you should have thought about it before you said those things yesterday." she chuckled.

"What things?" I asked, this was really scaring me.

"Oh, you don't remember," she laughed, "you are now eighteen, I don't own you, as you said. Sorry." 

"I," I started but I couldn't bring myself to stay anything.

"You can stay here until our main stop. You'll have to leave later, it's what you wanted." she said nodding her head then leaving. 

I closed the door slowly, walking back to my bed. "I, I have no where to live." I said without thinking.

"I-I'm sorry," Niall said uncertain. I looked at him, biting my lip. I shook my head getting up.

"Uh, it's not your fault," I said running my hands through the top of my brown hair. I sat back down on the bed with my head burried in my hands. I sighed deeply, looking back at Niall. I knew he was feeling a little awkward and sorry. "It's fine, really, for now. I just need to find a house. I have money but once that runs out, and I don't want to work for Isabel forever," I said in one whole breath. 

Niall scratched the back of his head, then looked around the room. It was getting really awkward.

"You can go, I probably caused enough trouble," I said quietly, "you probably need to go, sorry."

"No, it's fine, I probably caused the trouble with you," he chuckled. He got up grabbing his red sweater. "See you some time else."

I nodded my head smiling, and opened the door for him, "bye." I closed the door sighing. "Oh goodness!" I exclaimed. I slouched on my bed, then sat up quickly. Niall just said he'd see me some time else? Does that mean he wants to see me? I'm being stupid. I don't even remember what happened, but I'm pretty sure nothing happened.

I plopped on my bed, once again. I was just so overwhelmed with all of these things. I looked at myself and decided to take a shower. I threw on a blue crop top and some jeans. I grabbed my laptop and walked to the elevator. Seeing no one, I pressed the deck button. My stomach fluttered as I went up. The doors opened and I was greeted by the warm breeze. I sat one of the wooden polished tables. On the bright side, I didn't have to clean anything anymore.

I opened my laptop up. Well, where would someone in need of a house before the New Years look. Why does this have to be so hard? I typed in Realty, in London. That's where I've always wanted to do my studies, but Molly was always first. Isabel never really cared about my future. I typed in England. I scrolled through some apartments, but none of them were really suiting me. If I'm goign to be this picky, I'll end up on the streets. Get your head together Cindy.

"I see your trying to find a flat?" someone said behind me. I jumped looking up.

"N-Niall! I didn't see you there," I stuttered. 

"The boys said they never got you this," he said giving me some sort of cd. I looked at the cover, realizing it was the boys on some telephone booth, and on it was written Take Me Home. I smiled setting it on the table.

"Thanks," I smiled shyly, not really making eye contact.

"May I help you with your findings?" Niall asked quotating findings

"Sure, I'm not really liking any of the ones I looked at." I said looking at my computer. I scratched my head and lookedback at him.

"Hmm," he said taking a seat next to me. My heart started beating a little faster, before picking up its normal pace again. "How about this one right here?" he said pointing to an apartment, located in Birmingham. I checked it out, it had two rooms, one bathroom, a small kitchen, a living room, and a dining room. It was perfect.

"I actually really like it," I said observing the details. We checked out some more apartments, although I really liked the first one he showed me. "I like the first one in Birmingham, thanks," I said smiling as I closed my laptop. I stood up pushing my chair back in with my laptop in one hand, the cd tucked in between the latop and I. "Again, thanks."

"No problem," he said as I turned around, "uh, Cindy?" 

"Yeah," I said spinning around back to him.

"Do you want to hang out? Tomorrow? You know, just talk and hang around?" he said with his hands in his jeans.

"U-uh, sure," I responded shyly, smiling. I felt the heat run up to my cheeks as I turned around smiling like an idiot back to the elevator.

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