Cindy Ella (Niall Horan Love Story)

Cindy Ella loves her life! Note the sarcasm, please. Cindy is a maid in a big famous cruise ship. Which is owned by her godmother, which is strict at most of the time. What happens when all of a sudden, her godmother lets loose, for one day, and Cindy meets someone rather 'interesting', you could say?


22. Song Writing

My head snapped in the door's direction as someone came in with a guitar case on their back. As soon as I noticed his light brown hair, I knew it was Adam. He noticed me sitting on the chair that was inside the recording room and waved. I waved back with a smile. I was working on my vocals before Adam walked in. I saw Adam and Danny, the guy who does the recording things, talking and watched as Adam made his way inside.

"Hey Cindy!" he said putting his guitar over his shoulder.

"Hey," I said quietly with a half smile.

"He said we're going to record Lucky first, and then we're going to do some composing," he sat on the took next to me.

I nodded turning to the microphone as I saw Danny signal us to start. There was an awkward tension between me and Adam. I wasn't sure if he could feel it, too. I just didn't want to be anything but friends and I wasn't sure if he thought otherwise. 

As the song started to end, I brought my hands together and started clapping. "Yay!" I said. Of course, right after the song ended, or else we would have messed it up, or, I would have. On the other side, Danny picked up his phone and looked devastated. His face looked panicked and it seemed like he was shouting things. He nodded and looked at us as he stepped forward pressing the button that made us hear him.

"Sorry kiddos. I can't work with you guys now, either we come back tomorrow if you still want my help for the first time, or you can stay here until your Aunt Lucy comes. I have a family emergency." He said quickly taking his jacket and dashing out the door.

My head turned to my left with a surprised look on my face. "Oh. I wonder what happened."

Adam nodded with a worried look, "Yeah, I hope everything will be alright."

"So? Do you want to do it with him tomorrow or try right now until Lucy comes?"

"We can try right now," he said quietly, "have you ever written a song?"

I shook my head biting my bottom lip. We both started laughing,"How are we going to write a song if neither one of us has ever written a song?" I shook my head smiling. I pointed to the beanbags that were against the wall, "Let's sit there."

"Alright," he responded hopping off his seats. He took a seat on the big beanbag and I on the other one.

"Okay, what do we do first?" I asked trying not to smile.

"I'll play some notes and once we got the rhythm we like, we can work on the lyrics." he suggested and I nodded eagerly.

He strummed his guitar a few times, the sound filling the room. I nodded my head to the music. Once he had a beat going with four chords, I grabbed a pencil and a notepad that was in the room and started tapping the pencil on the notepad. I started singing a melody, looking at him, and he nodded.

"How about," I started, "It was only a regular day, when you came to me and said, Hey, what's your name?"

"Good, good. But how about if you change it to, 'Just an ordinary day, when you came up to me to say, hey, what's, your name?"

"Hmm, yeah start playing." I started singing the lyrics to the rhythm. It started to sound really good. 

When we were half through the song, it had been going really good. I told him we could finish tomorrow so we could ask Danny if it was good enough. Adam had been really funny, and it wasn't so awkward anymore. He was making me feel at home, like he was a best friend to me.

"So Cindy?" he asked catching my attention from the lyrics on the paper.

"Yeah?" I heard the door open but I didn't bother looking to see who it was.

"I was thinking, do you want to go to get some ice cream tomorrow?" His voice quiet. 

At the corner of my eye, I saw Lucy grinning with both of her hands against her chest. 

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