Cindy Ella (Niall Horan Love Story)

Cindy Ella loves her life! Note the sarcasm, please. Cindy is a maid in a big famous cruise ship. Which is owned by her godmother, which is strict at most of the time. What happens when all of a sudden, her godmother lets loose, for one day, and Cindy meets someone rather 'interesting', you could say?


17. Now Boarding (off)


I slid on my warm sweater because of the bitter cold that was now taking over the whole ship. It looked as if it was going to snow soon from how cold it was getting. I looked around my room, trying to see if I hadn’t forgotten anything. I had my two suitcases ready and packed with all my stuff. I grabbed my cheap smart phone and unlocked the door from my room.   Originally, I was going to wait until we stopped in England, but since the audition, I thought better it’d be better to stop in Ireland. I dropped my phone inside my bag and headed out the door leaving the empty room. I locked it behind me and paced down to the elevator, the numbers on my floor. I quickly pressed the elevator button and the doors opened to my luck.   I got to the deck, not many people were getting off. There were about a hundred crowding the lower deck with several suit cases in the way. I walked over to the edge, close by the entrance, squeezing through people with my suitcases. You could see the land getting closer and closer by the minute. I smiled, being finally able to get off this boat.    I mean. I have been able to get off once in a while, only really to walk around while people got off and on. I never really lived off the ship, since I was probably five. Since the tragedy, having to live here with Isabel and Molly wasn’t much fun. It was when we were much smaller, me and Molly used to get along, then came home schooling. She was always the ‘better one’, not because of grades, but because her mom was the one paying the lady. I sighed remembering the times.   Yesterday was nice, well, actually, it was amazing. Spending that much time with them and just having fun was great. It was one of the reasons I enjoyed this year’s birthday and couple of days back. Another is, when I got to spend time with Niall. He was so sweet and fun. That’s when I remembered, that I hadn’t said goodbye to them. I didn’t have any of their numbers, but I did have their twitter. Maybe I could tweet them or DM them. I pulled out my phone and waited as it connected to the ship’s wifi. I went on twitter and clicked Niall’s profile, then on messages. I DMed him, “Hey Niall! Sorry I couldn’t say bye, the ship’s about to stop here in Ireland. Well, say bye to the boys for me, thanks for the great time :).”  ---- I looked around for a place to sit after boarding off the ship. I found a little café, with some tables outside. I had money from my parents, that I hadn’t used much of, for college. Now, though, I was starting a new life, and I needed to start wisely. I set down my grey suitcases next to me pulling out my phone. I had only a few bucks left of international credits. I dialed the girl’s number that had called me last time.    “Hello?” she asked from the other line, I could recognize her voice. I didn’t really remember her name, not saving her name on my phone.    “Um, hey, you called me, I’m Cindy Ella, your best friend’s daughter?” I said in a questioning, unsure voice.   “Oh! Hey, so what have you decided?” she asked me. I still don’t know her name.   “I’m going to do it,” I said simply, so sure, that I actually surprised myself.    “Great! We’ll schedule a time, we’ll fly you in and-“she said before I cut her off.   “I’m in Ireland, Dublin to be exact, I, kind of a long story,” I said. I looked around trying to find the city name, but with no luck I said, “where are you?”   “Dublin, how did you get here so fast?” she asked, confusion in her voice.    “Well, it’s that I’ve kind of lived on my god mother’s ship my whole life after you know, and we stopped here, then England. I actually was going to call you but I couldn’t because we made a different turn, and there was no signal yet. I was going to rent an apartment but I decided it to be better here, whether I make it or not. Worth trying, right? I’m at a café and I kind of need to know if we can meet up today, because I only have the money my mom left me.” I said rapidly, all in one breath.    “Okay Cindy, don’t be hard on yourself,” she said calming me down. “Here, why don’t you tell me where you are, you get a taxi, and I’ll come get you, is that alright?”   I nodded, and then shook my head in stupidity because she couldn’t see me. “Yeah, I’m sorry for the bother, really.”   “It’s fine, believe me,” she said in a quiet voice. I smiled, and wondered when she said to believe her.  I told her where I was, and she called a taxi for me , it took about almost an hour to get where she was. I was holding my purse to get the money when a tall, skinny, mid-forties lady in a long, blonde ponytail walked out the door of a tall building. I got out of the car, still searching through my purse and the woman came, slightly jogging. I looked at her confused.   “Oh, you look just like your mother!” she said smiling, then leant down to the passenger’s window. “Here, keep the change.” I already had my suitcases out of the car. “So where are the rest of the suitcases?” I stared at her blankly and then said, “I only have these two.” She looked a bit shocker as she raised her eyebrows pressing her lips together. She nodded.   “Well alright then, come on,” she said leading me into the building. She was wearing what most people were in the tall fancy building. She had on a pair of fancy trousers and a blazer for women of course. She looked neat. We headed inside the elevator, me, her, and my two suitcases, plus a short man in a suit. We got to a floor, which seemed to be the right one as she walked out pulling one of my suitcases. I pulled the other one behind me and followed her into a big office room. She set the suitcase down pointing to it for me to put the other one there as well. “Well, Cindy Ella, tell me, how’s life? What and why? How you’ve been? You look so much like your mother!” she exclaimed sitting on one of the couches in the room. I sat across from her on a comfy rocking chair.   I told her from when I went on the ship to when I left, besides the personal issues of course. So yes, that included me not telling her about the boys.    “I’m glad I called then, well, I’m glad your mom told me to call.” She said with a look of sympathy. Right there and then, I had wished my mom left me with her instead of Isabel. I didn’t understand why Isabel was better.    “Okay, the audition?” I asked out of the blue after a few seconds of awkwardness. She raised her eyebrows immediately.   “Well, you have to accommodate, and then you can audition, that’ll be much better. You need to practice a song if you hadn’t already, because it’s not just me that’s going to hear your voice and decide,” she said smiling. I nodded and smiled back.    “Okay, thanks, but I need somewhere to stay. Do you know anywhere, like maybe an inn?” I asked getting out my phone.    She shook her head, “You can stay with me, hun.” She smiled and got up walking behind a desk, “You need to rest for, umm, possibly tomorrow. Let’s go.”  I smiled and nodded getting up going for my suitcase, and as I passed her desk, I saw her name tag, Lucy.    ******* Thanks guys for reading. What do you guys think? Comment and favorite! <3
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