Cindy Ella (Niall Horan Love Story)

Cindy Ella loves her life! Note the sarcasm, please. Cindy is a maid in a big famous cruise ship. Which is owned by her godmother, which is strict at most of the time. What happens when all of a sudden, her godmother lets loose, for one day, and Cindy meets someone rather 'interesting', you could say?


12. Nice Start

"It's the most beautiful time of the year," I sang as I put on my favorite pair of high waisted shorts, and a laced tank. I slid on my flip flops and grabbed my phone. I clicked the home button, 10:21 am, and its December 24th! I love Christmas season. I got out of my room locking it behind me, as soon as I heard that click I went into the elevator. I hummed to the music of "Mistletoe" that I'd been singing for the past half hour. I smiled to myself at the thought of hanging out with Niall today. 

"Good morning Mrs.Garcia," I smiled to one of the older maids. She was always there for me when I wasn't well. 

"You seem in a happy mood!" she responded pushing the cart down the hall slowly.

"Yeah," I said blushing. She chuckled and I walked up to the smoothie booth. I traced my fingers in zig zags on the booth deep in thought.

"Would you like to order something?" the guy behind the counter asked me.

"Um, yeah," I said snapping out of my thought, "I'll have a strawberry smoothie and one of thosse bagels." I pointed at the see through fridge behind him. He glanced back and nodded going back to his work. I rested on my elbows as I waited for my drink. He handed me my bagel and smoothie. "Thanks," I said squinting my eyes at his name tag, "Josh." He gave a smile wiping his hands on the towel that was thrown on his shoulder.

I took a sip of my strawberry smoothie, that ended with a piece of strawberry. 'Mmm, I love the strawberry', I thought. I spread the creame cheese across the bagel with my finger, it was normal for me, I didn't care what people thought. I knew my finger was clean. I licked the tip of my finger and grabbed the bagel in one hand taking a bite. I licked my lips full of cream cheese, and took another sip of my smoothie. I finished my bagel and payed the guy. Finishing my drink, I stood up and set the orange cup on the booth. 

I waited for about an hour sliding through my twitter on my phone. I felt silly for waiting for him, when I didn't even ask him what time. I sighed, going onto his twitter. 

@NiallOfficial : "I love how @zaynmalik wakes me up with silly string! Where did he even get it? This stuff is stuck to my hair. Great."

I giggled at the tweet. I got out off the stool, putting my phone back into my pocket. I walked over to the railing, throwing my hair back, running my fingers through the natural wavy curls. My whole entire life on water, and now I was going to be living in my own apartment, free to myself, my rules. I smiled at all the great things. Although there were good advantages, there is the bad side, I'll have to find a job, and I'll have to work really hard for a lot of things. It'll be worth it, though, I hope. 

I started humming 'Mistletoe' again from the beginning leaning my head on my hand with my elbow on the railing. I looked across the ocean still humming, as I began to tap my foot. 

"With you, shawty with you," I sang under my breath, still tapping my foot. "With you, shawty with you, under the mistletoe." I started getting carried away as my eyes drifted shut. "Everyone's gathering around the fire." I heard something playing next to me. I opened my eyes quickly and turned my head. A girl who looked around fourteen was playing the ukelele. She was playing 'Mistletoe'.

"Continue," she mouthed smiling, beaming her freckles in the morning sun. I nodded my head shrugging my shoulders.

"Chestnuts roasting like  hot july," I continued as she strummed her fingers on the brown little instrument. She started harmonizing with me. I have to admit, we were pretty good. 

Someone started clapping gently behind me. The girl's eyes went wide, as a few more people started clapping as well. The dirty blonde haired girl pointed behind me, sounding speechless. I turned around on my heels, my eyes meeting the blue Irish eyes. 

"Hi," I managed to say, very shyly. My smile twitched as I looked at the ground, feeling the heat rush up to my cheeks.

"Hey," Niall said. I looked up to see him smiling, he had on cargo shorts, and a white tank. "Pretty good, eh," he joked chuckling.

"Thanks," I said smiling, feeling like I was still in a dream. I snapped out as the girl cleared her throat behind me. "Oh, this is..." I said not really knowing her name.

"Kate," she completed for me. Niall nodded his head handing his hand out for her. She nervously brought her hand up to his shaking it, grinning widely.

"You guys were incredible," he said letting go, putting his hands into his pockets.

"Thank you, I am a huge fan!" she said excitedly. 

"Thanks love," he chuckled. 

"I have to go, ugh, but see you later?" Kate said smiling as she looked back, at a guy, then to me. I nodded before she walked to the guy who was standing. I turned my gaze back to Niall.

"Sorry I was late, I had to get something out of my hair," he said chuckling looking at the ocean.

"So I heard," I giggled, "but it's fine." I shook my head, "I didn't even expect you any certain time, I came early for some breakfast." I lied. The truth was I was dying to see him. I mean I did eat the breakfast here. He looked at me running his fingers through his hair. 

"So, what do you want to do?" he asked slowly taking steps.

"There's an arcade downstairs," I said raising my eyebrows, a smile pressed on my face.

"An arcade?" he said chuckling.

"Yes, do you have a problem?" I said giggling.

"No, well, then let's go," he said holding out his arm. I linked my arm around his, chuckling, and started walking to the elevator.

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