Cindy Ella (Niall Horan Love Story)

Cindy Ella loves her life! Note the sarcasm, please. Cindy is a maid in a big famous cruise ship. Which is owned by her godmother, which is strict at most of the time. What happens when all of a sudden, her godmother lets loose, for one day, and Cindy meets someone rather 'interesting', you could say?


4. Mystery Guy

  I start doing the dishes. The very big pile of dishes. I mean, what am I supposed to think, that there will be five plates and some utensils? No, Cindy, this is a big cruise ship. I put the plates on the side of the sink and start to scrub one by one. My mind wanders off as I do.

  "Live While we're Young" has been stuck in my head all day since I've heard it. So I began to sing it from the beginning.

Hey girl I'm waitin' on ya, I'm waitin' on ya
C'mon and let me sneak you out
And have a celebration, a celebration
The music's up the window's down

Yeah we'll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool
And we know it, too
Yeah we'll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool 
So tonight

Let's go crazy crazy crazy
Til we see the su-

  I am then cut off by what sounds like someone running in. I ignore it thinking it could just be one of the chef's kids and I don't want to be in the middle of it. As long as they don't bother me, I am fine. 

I know we only met 
But let's pretend it's love
And never ever ever stop for anyone
Tonight let's get some
And live while we're young

  I am about to start singing the second verse when someone says out of nowhere, "That was really good." I jump up a little, startled by this stranger. I'm really shy so I just peek from the corner of my eye, a strand of my hair covering it.

  "Thanks," I managed to get out quietly, I bet he, by his voice, could barely even hear me. I stop scrubbing for a second to see if he says anything. Maybe he left.

  "So I'm guessing you like One Direction?" he asks. Why is he asking me this? Oh wait. I was singing their song. Right.

  "I like their music," I say a little louder than the first time, "The song was stuck in my head the whole day, it's a fun so-." I stop myself, remembering I am talking to a stranger.

  "Song? Yeah, it's my favorite, too." he says completing my sentence. He likes One Direction? But he's a guy.

  "You like One Direction?" I say looking around, but not turning.

  "Yeah, I mean, how can I not, right?" he says. He chuckles for some reason.

  I was going to ask why, but I didn't feel like it. Instead I just give a fake, short chuckle. I really don't know if it sounds real or not.

  "So you work here?" he asks after about thirty seconds of awkwardness. I mean, is it not obvious? I'm cleaning a huge pile of dishes. I nod my head.

  I soon turn my head to see Isabel waking inside at my right. I don't turn it far enough to see who is behind me. Isabel has a confused, maybe annoyed face. She walks up to my side, then turns to the person behind me. 

  "I'm sorry Mr.Horan. Are you lost?" She says with a strict voice. I hate that voice.

  "Uh, well. I just was looking for, uh, the restroom and I guess I came in here instead, sorry ma'am." He says a little nervous. He leaves through the back.

  "Cindy Ella, I don't want you bothering our special guests." She says with the same strict voice. Special guest? I didn't even do anything.

  "But Miss Isabel, he came in here and started talking to me." I say quietly. She scoffs and leaves. I roll my eyes to myself. I sigh and continue doing my work. Hah, Horan. Like Niall Horan. 

  I finally finish the dishes. That was so much hard work. Okay, whatever, I decide to go take a nice shower now since that's was really all I have to do. I walk to my room and open my laptop. I click on 'LWWY', take a shower, and get dressed. I start to listen to Justin Bieber 'As Long As You Love Me'. I decide to go up to the deck since I don't have anything to do, and I am a bit hungry. I haven't eaten since lunch!


  I go up to the deck and get myself a smoothie and some chips. I get a chair with a table next to it, and sit my smoothie there. I then turn on my music from my phone and start listening to One Direction. I added the song 'Live While We're Young' to my selection of songs, so I started listening to it. This song is now my favorite song as you can see.

  It is about 8:25, it is quite dark outside. I look up at the stars, I love when I travel to warm places, it is nice and cool at night. Even though it is December, the 19th to be exact. Wait, that means my birthday is in two days! Wow! I'll be turning eighteen in two days. Not that it matters, but I won't be treated like some kid by Isabel. 

  My thoughts are interrupted by the one and only... Isabel. "Yes Miss Isabel?" I ask, looking up at her. She looks a little nice for once. 

  "Yes Isabel, I believe your birthday is in two days, right?" she says, unsure. Wow, is she like a mind reader or something. That makes me smirk, but I nod my head.

  "Well, the bar downstairs, you can go in when you're eighteen and Molly goes already. So I guess it wouldn't be fair if I didn't let you go. It can be a little birthday party. You can invite some friends," she started saying. 'If only I had friends.' "That's all now, goodnight." I wave at her. Wow, that was really nice of her. 

  I start getting really tired so I go to my room, put on my PJs, and pass out.

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