Cindy Ella (Niall Horan Love Story)

Cindy Ella loves her life! Note the sarcasm, please. Cindy is a maid in a big famous cruise ship. Which is owned by her godmother, which is strict at most of the time. What happens when all of a sudden, her godmother lets loose, for one day, and Cindy meets someone rather 'interesting', you could say?


16. More than a likable friend

"I'm hungry," Zayn announced. He got up sitting on one leg on top of the bed. "Up for some pizza?" We all nodded in agreement as he dialed room service. 

"So did you hear the cd?" Louis asked catching my attention from Zayn. 

"Oh, yeah, not really, I didn't have time yet," I said slouching in the sofa. I straightened out pointing my finger at a guitar that was leaned slanted on a wall, in the corner of the room. "Who's guitar is that?" 

"Mine," Niall said raising his hand. 

"Oh, that's cool," I smiled. I suddenly got an idea, changing positions on the sofa. I had already done so many times. I sat, leaning my back on the side, and my legs straight ahead of me on the rest of the sofa, having to set them on Harry's lap. "How about you guys sing a song?" I suggested giving a cheeky smile, "Please, I mean, only if you guys want to." I added.

"Yeah, which one?" Liam asked. Niall hopped up from his seat heading to the guitar. He grabbed it bringing it back to his seat, sitting down. I thought for a second.

"Well, the first one that caught my attention was one I think, called Summer Love?" I said unsure. The boys 'oh'ed and agreed. Zayn got off the phone sitting next to Liam on the floor across from me. "Okay," I said shifting positions again, so that I could be in a sitting position, only my legs swayed to one side. 

"What are we doing?" Zayn asked confused.

"Singing Summer Love!" Louis shouted making me chuckle. 

Niall started strumming his fingers on the guitar lightly after finding his place. Zayn hummed to the tune a little, in the beginning. Then, he started to sing a nice tune.

"Can't believe you're packing your bags, trying so hard not to cry." he sang. I smiled swaying my head to the music. After Zayn, came Harry's part. "Don't promise that you're gonna write, don't promise that you'll call." he sang. I turned my head to my right as Harry sung. Then my head slowly drifted to Niall's direction as I heard him sing after Harry. "'Cause you were mine for the summer." He sang and I looked down listening to the words. I glanced up at him seeing him smiled at me while singing.

If this were a movie, I'd call it Winter Love. Even though it's not a love at all. I just feel like these were the best days I've ever spent on this ship. The best week. I'm glad I let loose on that day. I smiled to myself, playing with my fingers. I looked up as Louis and Liam sang their part. They finished their song as Niall strummed one last time. 

I brought both of my hands up to my chest, folding them. "That was so beautiful, now I know why your fans fangirl so much!" I awed. They chuckled.

"Not fans, directioners," Liam corrected, smiling. 

"Yeah," I chuckled. Our attention snapped towards the door that was being knocked at. I stood up, "I'll get it."

Niall came behind me, "I'll help."

I opened the door to find a man with a cart, a tray with a round pizza on top of it. I grabbed the two bottles of Coka-cola as he handed it to me. Niall grabbed the tray of pizza. "Thanks," I said before closing the door with my hip. 

"Alright guys, time to eat!" I exclaimed setting the two bottles on the table we were all going to sit at. I chuckled to myself pointing at the bottles, "I'd like to hang out with you guys, and remember it."

They looked at me like I was weird. Harry made a gesture with his pinky and thumb. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh shut it." I laughed. We sat around the table, each one grabbing a slice of pizza to start with. I grabbed the bottle pouring some in to my own cup, and as soon as I finished, five more cups were placed in front of me, "Oh haha. You guys."

"Just fill, peasant!" Louis said waving his arm angrily. I laughed and I knew he was playing around, even though I was confused at why he called me a peasant. 

"Alright here ya go," I said giving them their cups. I took a sip of my coke, and took a bite of my pizza. "So, how did you guys form?" I asked, my mouth slightly full still. 

"You don't know?" Liam asked before takign another bite from his pizza. I shook my head wiping my mouth as I listened to Liam explain to me how they met on Xfactor, and Simon put them together.

"That's pretty cool, I mean excpet for the fact when each of you lost," I said. They shook their head.

"But if we hadn't, then we wouldn't have been a band." Niall added. I nodded and smiled. 'And I wouldn't have met you', I thought.

We finished eating and I left all the dishes piled on the table for the maid to clean it up later on. 

I clapped my hands together, standing in the middle of the room, gaining everyone's attention. "So, I better get going," I said. 

"Why?" Harry said pouting.

"If I'm not wrong, we should be in Ireland tomorrow. I should get ready to leave." I said thinking about the audition. I remembered about the apartment, and realized I would have to move anyways. So I made a mental note to cancel the meeting. 

"Alright, well let me walk you," Niall shouted jumping up. I smiled grabbing my phone.

We headed to the elevator and I pressed my floor. Then, Niall started pressing a bunch of numbers randomly. "Stop!" I shouted giggling. 

"Nah, maybe not, I'd like to get to know the place a little better." he shrugged laughing. 

"Oh my gosh! " I said as he kept pressing more buttons. He then pressed a red button which made the elevator come to a complete stop. I gasped freezing completely. "Look what you did!" 

"Me? I told you that wasn't a good idea!" he said, blaming it all on me. I scoffed playfully. I pushed him slightly on the arm. "Ow?" he said in more of a question form.

"That's what you get," I said. He came closer to me and started tickling me. "I'm not ticklish," I said. I started tickling me near my rib cage, and I started squirming from his grasp.

"Really? Not ticklish?" he said tickling me, pinning me to the wall.

"Aah!" I screamed and laughed loudly. I couldn't help myself anymore. I was defenseless. I was in no condition. I was completely out of control as he stared into my eyes deeply. He started to lean in, on hand on my arm, and one on the wall behind me. I started to lean in, too. My eyes gazing upon his lips, and just as my lips were close to touching his. He turned his face and started to tickle me again. I screamed as I crouched in laughter.

"That's payback," he said, referring to the pool incident. I gave an awkward chuckle. But that's only because of one reason. I didn't want him to turn his head. I wanted him to lean in closer as I did. I wanted to kiss him, for him to kiss me. I was starting to like him. I like him from the start, to be honest. But now, I was feeling something more than just a likable friend.


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