Cindy Ella (Niall Horan Love Story)

Cindy Ella loves her life! Note the sarcasm, please. Cindy is a maid in a big famous cruise ship. Which is owned by her godmother, which is strict at most of the time. What happens when all of a sudden, her godmother lets loose, for one day, and Cindy meets someone rather 'interesting', you could say?


10. Let's Go On An Adventure!

"So, you work here?" Liam asked breaking the awkwardness.

As much as this was embarrassing to me, I had nothing to lose really. She didn't pay me, only tips when I asked. Which was really rare because of my shyness.   

"Yeah." I said nodding my head. What to expect, it was a question. By now, my beer was halfway done.   

"But that girl? She said she was your godsister?" Louis said unsure.  

"Yeah, her mom owns the ship. I live here with my god-mom and god-sister, basically." I said shrugging.   

"I'm sorry, we didn't catch your name." Liam said.  

"Cindy Ella." I responded shortly.  

"Like Cinderella!" Niall shouted.   

For some reason, I started giggling. I nodded my head, "Yes, like Cinderella." I set the now empty bottle on the center table and walked over to Harry. "May I have another one?" I said grinning. He chuckled and grabbed one from the case.   

"Here you go love." he said smiling.   

I nodded walking over to my seat again. I was more loose than before, but I still kept shy.  

"Aren't you eighteen?" Harry asked taking a sip.   

I took two big gulps of the beer. I nodded crossing my legs. Harry scrunched his eyebrows and looked at Liam, who seemed to know what he was thinking.  

"So, that means you don't need a guardian anymore." Liam said setting his elbows on knees.  

"I feel like I'm on an episode of CSI here," I said at a normal tone. I widened my eyes, "Wait a minute!" I got up from my seat heading to the door taking a sip of my beer. I pulled down the hem of my dress.  

"Where you going?" I heard Niall.  

I twirled on my toes towards him, "On an adventure!" I raised my hands, you know, just like Spongbob does with "imagination". "Want to come with me?" I said grinning.  

"Well, okay!" he said winking.  

"Uh oh, Niall, please don't do anything stupid!" I heard Liam say.   

I put one of my hands behind me over my shoulder, signaling Niall to take it.   

"Don't worry, we'll be safe!" he said.   

I rolled my eyes, he wishes. I opened the door, "Hello Dylan, Dan, um you know."  

He looked at me weirdly, "Okay, is this young man taking you to your room? I think you've ha enough fun."  

"Oh Yeah," Niall shouted looking at me.  

"Oh goodness, both of you," he said face palming.   

"No Bob, we are on an adventure," I said and headed for the door.  

We got out of the club, and I was still holding Niall's hand. I took another big swallow of the beer and it slipped out of my hand, crashing onto the floor. My eyes widened, I looked at Niall who was doing the same. I shrugged.  

"You know, Hakkunah Matata!" I shouted seriously.  

There was a silence, then both of us fell on the ground laughing. I brought my fingers up to his lip shushing him while trying to be quiet myself. I got up straightening my dress out.  

"Come here, follow me, let me just go do something." I said leading him up to my room.   

I unlocked the room and motioned him to come in, too. "You can sit on the bed." I slurred.  

I unzipped the dress, and took out my favorite spandex shorts. I put on a yellow tank top and grabbed Niall's hand again.  

"You look like a bumble bee." he muttered. I looked at him, and laughed. "A cute one." I started blushing.    I walked out of my room with him, "Come on!" We ran, me basically pulling him, to the elevator. We got inside and I pressed the deck button.  

"I have to pee," Niall muttered under his breath. I don't think I was supposed to hear it though.  

"TMI Niall!" I said laughing.   

"Hey I didn't say anything when you were changing in front of me!" he said in surrender.   

"Well I would not like to see you pee!" I shouted as the elevator doors opened. Soon everyone's attention came to me. Oops. I giggled and told Niall to come with me.  

"Hello Isabel." I said as formally as I could in the state I was in.  

"Miss Isabel," she said correcting me. I chuckled, putting my face into Niall's shoulder. She looked at me like I was strange, "Cindy Ella!"  

"Isabel!" I shouted back, soon laughing again.  

"Cindy Ella, go back to your room now." she said sternly.   

"Now Isabel," I said bringing my finger up, "I am eighteen, you are no longer my owner! I am my own person! I've been waiting for this day forever."   

"Your mother and father would be so disappointed in you," she said shaking her head.   

"Don't you dare bring my mum and dad in this!" I shouted, earning glares from people.

"Whatever, all I know is I'm free from the one who didn't let me live my life!" I said.  

"What is living your life mean to you? Getting drunk?" she said.  

"No." I scoffed, "Well part of it." I laughed. Niall chuckled quietly.   

Isabel's attention went to Niall. She looked at him, then back at me, "We'll have a talk later."   

I rolled my eyes, "okay, bye Isabel! Au reviour! Tchau! Adios!"   

I looked at Niall, the anger seemed to wake me up a bit out of the alcohol.   

"Okay, well I'm done with my adventure," I said yawning.  

"I still have to pee." he said.  

"Oh my gosh!" I laughed.   

We went back to my room. "Niall, the bathroom is right over there," I said as he sprinted to it.   

I sat down on my bed waiting for Niall to get out. He came out, his face was washed up, you could tell because there were some wet spots on his face.   

"Okay, well," I started to say, "I'm going to go wash my face real quick."   

I went into the bathroom wiping my face with makeup remover. I splashed my face. I went back and found Niall passed out on my bed. This is awkward, I thought.  

I lied down on the other side of my bed and quickly fell asleep.   


Okay so guys,  Lol... Tell me watchu think! I spent some time on this one.  ;)

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