Cindy Ella (Niall Horan Love Story)

Cindy Ella loves her life! Note the sarcasm, please. Cindy is a maid in a big famous cruise ship. Which is owned by her godmother, which is strict at most of the time. What happens when all of a sudden, her godmother lets loose, for one day, and Cindy meets someone rather 'interesting', you could say?


24. Expectations

Looks like the the secret is out!

Two unknown singers who performed at the New Years party in Dublin are no longer unknown!

"The girl's name is Cindy Ella. She always used to sing. She worked on a ship before she left all of a sudden to follow her singing career. She never really thought about doing the singing act. It's a bit selfish if you ask me. There are tons of girls who are out there that work hard, but really there's no point in saying anything now. The guy? I don't know who he is, must be her partner in crime." An insider tells us about the mysterious girl.

Partner in crime? You tell us! Could she be over-exaggerating?

"It's Adam. He always followed his dreams and now that he's there with a very talented girl making it big together, no one will bring them down." a friend of the secret boy tells us. 

Well folks, that tells us a whole lot. Cindy Ella and Adam. Someone even sent us a picture of the two at an ice cream parlor holding hands. Looks like the two are off to a good start ;). 




I furrow my eyebrows shaking my head repeatedly. This can't be happening. We're just friends, nothing more. Oh, the media can turn such small things into such bigger things. Right now, all I want is a friend whom I can talk to. Someone who can relate. I don't even have any friends yet, well, besides Adam and the other boys. I need a girl friend. 

The sound of the ringing from my phone made me jump and I reached over to find it inside my bag. As I clicked the answer button I said, "Hello?"

"Hey Cindy," a familiar voice said.


"Yeah, did you see what they put on twitter?" His voice sounded eager.

"Oh, yeah. I saw. Media can be so-"

"Weird, right? I hope you're not angry though. We both know I wasn't taking your hand." 

"Yes, Adam. I know we both know, but everyone else thinks otherwise. There's nothing going on between us, except two friends going out for some ice cream." I placed my elbow on the desk leaning my head on top of the palm of my hand. 

"Oh, yeah," his voice sounded disappointed, "look. I have to go, my sister is being a brat, she needs the phone." He chuckles at the end.

I laugh slightly, "alright Adam. Bye."


I end the call and run my fingers through my hair, stopping every few seconds as the knots get in the way. I sigh looking back at my laptop. I don't know what to do, and I'm bored. So I click the little button with a mail icon on my profile. 'Send New Private Message.' it says and I click on it, going through the people I'm following. I click on the person who I've been wanting to talk to for so long. 

To @NiallOfficial : Hey. 

I hesitate, but I press the send button. I give a great big sigh as I let out a groan. 

"How could this be so complicated," I whispered to myself. I soon got a message on twitter and I clicked on it to see I had gotten a response from Niall.

From @NiallOfficial: Sup

I quickly typed, "I'm about to get off the computer but if you want to talk, my number is *******." I shut my computer after hitting send. That wasn't the truth, I wasn't going anywhere, but I just wanted, and needed to talk to someone. He was the only one I was closest with, and also part of the problem.

I sat on my bed leaning my back against the frame, letting my mind wander. Who's going to tell me who I can date or not? Then again, maybe he doesn't even like me like that. I closed my eyes only to open them quickly as I heard the buzzing of my phone. 

A smile was plastered on my face as I stood up hopping over to the desk. I put a strand of hair behind my ear as I opened the silver flip-phone. 

"Hello?" I said excitedly but quietly, with me being shy. 

"Hey Cindy, I forgot to tell you, but we're meeting up on Friday, three days from now. Is that alright? I've got family problems now," Adam's voice sounded my ear. 

I exhaled in annoyance, not too noticably, though. "Oh yeah, it's fine. Did you mention it to Lucy?"

"Yeah. I called her before you."

"Couldn't she have just told me herself since we're in the same house, though?" I said with a small, sarcastic laugh.

"I guess but, I, I'll talk to you on Friday?" he murmured.

I nodded my head, then remembered that I was on the phone and he couldn't see me, "Uh, yeah. Thanks for telling me. Bye."

I've got to be honest, I do feel like I'm being really rude to him. Maybe he's just really nice and doesn't want anything. I mean, what do I know about boys except for what's in those cliche movies.

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