Cindy Ella (Niall Horan Love Story)

Cindy Ella loves her life! Note the sarcasm, please. Cindy is a maid in a big famous cruise ship. Which is owned by her godmother, which is strict at most of the time. What happens when all of a sudden, her godmother lets loose, for one day, and Cindy meets someone rather 'interesting', you could say?


5. Birthday *Day*

  I look in my closet, pulling shirt, skirts, pants, dresses, anything you can think of, one after the other out of my closet. What am I going to wear tomorrow? I feel like this is so important. It's not much, since I have no friends. It'll probably be Molly's friends. Forgive me for my foul explanation, but they are a complete full package, as a guy would say, or as I say: sluts. 

  I sigh from all of the work I am putting into myself. Well, it isn't just me. Isabel is letting me have the whole day off tomorrow. Yay, right?! Well, she gave me extra things to do today. It was a very exhausting day.

  I spot a dress peeking out in my closet. It is a peach colored tight dress. I try it on, and I feel nice in it, and for once, I feel sexy. I want for once to have some fun, so I guess this one time won't hurt, will it? I grab it and set it aside with some heels I had out of three. Yes, they are high, but they are the ones that go best with my dress. Molly gave me the heels. She wore heels for the most odd occasions, and I guess she decided she didn't need these anymore. 


  I am really tired so I quickly clean up my mess and get ready in my PJs. I don't want to be tired and sleep all day on my day off. Although that's not a bad idea, if you were me, you'd know what I mean. I plop down in my bed and fall to sleep in no time.

  I wake up with the sun blinding my eyes. "What the?" I say, I don't curse, my mom always told me it was shameful. 

  "Rise and shine!" a girl says. Oh, her.

  "Molly?" I ask with a confused expression.

  "Don't act like that! We are going to have some fun! Today is your birthday and, oh, Happy Birthday, and we're going to have a girls day." She says smiling. I sit up in my bed. "Smile!" she says as something bright hits my face.

  "What was that?!" I yell rather quietly. She shows me her camera.

  "We're going to use this to remember the best day of your life... yet." she says excitedly, finishing with the yet part as if she has forgotten.

  "Why? Did your mom make you do this?" I ask, really confused. She takes the camera from me.

  "Your now old enough to hang with me!" she says with her hands up. I roll my eyes.

  "Really?" I ask in a sarcastic voice. She looks at me seriously and starts giggling.

  "No, but I thought about it, and we should be good friends!" she says sitting on my bed.

  "Okay," I say with disbelief, and just stare at her. I shrug my shoulders, and she gives a squeal. Oh boy, this ought to be fun.

  I get changed into my outfit of the day, as Molly says it. We head to the big buffet they are having. The Christmas lights are all up already. It is really pretty, I even give ideas on how to put it for Miss Isabel which led to me helping the people put it. I start to put portions on my plate. All I really put is  two pancakes, two pieces of bacon, and two sausages. I, in my opinion at least, eat like an average person, maybe. I pour some orange juice and we head to a table for two.

  I sip some of my juice, and make a face. You know that horrid taste of orange juice after brushing your teeth? Yeah, that was it.

  "Ew." I say, grabbing my fork in one hand and my knife in the other. I put my utensils down, forgetting to pour the syrup on my pancake. I then grab my fork and knife and dig in. It feet really awkward, because while I sit there eating my breakfast, Molly is picking at her grapes and, as she calls it, morning veggies. Yes, she's one of those girls. 

  "Are you a vegetarian?" I ask without thinking. She looks at me weirdly.

  "No, I just like to eat healthy in the morning." she says, a bit rudely in my opinion. It is pretty normal for her to talk to me like that, though.

  "Meat is protein. Protein is healthy." I say in my nerdy self. 

  "Oh, I'll eat that later." she says, not caring much. As I finish, I put the plate in the dirty pile and she guides me to the spa salon.

  I have never been, no, let me correct myself. I have been in the salon, to do things like clean. But I have never been actually in the salon, doing my nails and hair, and other things you do in a salon. We start with massages. It is actually quite relaxing. I decide to make conversation with Molly.

  "So Molly, who are the special guests?" I ask as the lady massages my back. It feels really good.

"I'm not aloud to say to anyone, but even if I could, I wouldn't know. My mom isn't telling me anything. She said I'd freak or something." she says, sounding like she really wanted to know as well. I don't blame her.

  "Oh. That's cool...or not." I say whispering the last part. "Who do you think it is?" I ask out of curiosity. 

  "I don't know, maybe, OMG! What if it's Josh Hutcherson!" she says, practically screaming. The lady hushes her. "Sorry" she says with an attitude.

  "Um, I think we'd know. I mean why haven't we seen them yet?" I say suddenly interested. 

  "Well, I-" she starts to say, but she is interrupted by the lady.

  "Time's up." The lady says as we get up. Geez. We need some nicer massagers. Is that even a word? 

  "As I was saying, I think they mustn't even be that important, and that my mom is mistaken, because if I freak, then a bunch of other girls freak." Molly continues with her girly attitude self as we walk to the nail section.

  I start looking at the colors that are available. We pick our colors and start getting our nails polished.

  "What if it's like, I don't know, Justin Bieber and maybe he's with Selena?" I ask, unsure if I should be saying anything, because according to her, I'm always wrong.

  "Of course not! Why would he even come here, I mean... Just no." she says looking at her hand that was already done, blowing them. She grabs her phone carefully. "He's in New York right now, he tweeted it." she says, clicking at her phone with her one finger. I shrug.

  Once we are done with all of the salon stuff, we head to my room. Molly is looking over my outfit that I had laid out. She then grabs my heels.

  "Hey! These are the ones I gave you! You like never wore them. Are you wearing these?" she asks, one heel in each hand. I look at her and just raise my eyebrows, nodding. She throws them on my bed. "Well, I'm going to do your make-up and hair, okay?" she says, grabbing the curling iron. I shrug and go to the bathroom to take a shower.

  Molly starts to do my make-up and hair. When she is finished, I slowly walk to the bathroom to get changed. I come out in my dress and heels. I give a cough and she looks at me. 

"Cindy Ella! You look amazing girl!" she says. I roll my eyes, but inside I know I look really good and I feel a little confident. "Okay now, I'm ready, let's go." she says, pushing me out the door.

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