Choosing You (Sequel to Newsagent Girl)

Once again, in fear Avery has ran away. Leaving her brother, best friends and her two lovers. Avery doesn't seem to realize that One Direction tour. And this year their tour is in the exact same country Avery now lives in. America. Will she be able to choose without breaking a heart? Or will she break both? Again, read the story because it's better than the blurb.


6. Not Able


Louis' POV.


Wow. My sister... She... She's in front of my eyes. Alive. Healthy. With a boy. And that boy has taken Zayn's place. No one but Zayn held her hand.

"Avery..." I turned my head to see Zayn, tensing, his eyes wide and sparkling. The same sparkle they had when they were together. In that moment, I saw a tear. In his eye. That he wiped away quickly.

My eyes fell on Liam. His fists were clenched. He had a tear too. I can understand Zayn's tear... but why Liam?

"Hey guys... uh... Aves, if you come with me to the other car, HE can sit in this car?" Niall suggested. She nodded and followed Niall to the car where El and Alyssa, Niall's girlfriend were.

"Hey! I'm Adrian! It's nice to meet you guys," Avery's boyfriend greeted us with a warm smile as he got in the car. 

"Hi, I'm Harry!"

"I'm Louis!!"


Zayn stayed quiet. He was fiddling with his phone and texting.

"That's Zayn and the one who just left was Niall," I quickly covered up. This is gonna be a long journey. My phone buzzed, signaling a new text.

From: NiallTheLeprechaun

Hay... um... jus got a txt frm Zayn... he said he won't be able to stay with Adrian... send him to this car?? x


I looked over to Zayn and saw that he was trying to hold him self back. He probably wants to punch Adrian so badly.

To: NiallTheLeprechaun

Yeh.. sure. I'll send him now. 

I nodded at Zayn and he left our car and went to the other one. I wonder what'll happen there. Harry started the car and we followed the girls'.


~Just a filler. I feel soooo LAZY pineapples... BUT JUST FOR YOU GUYS, I'M GOING TO ATTEMPT TO MAKE A TRAILER FOR 'Newsagent Girl' !!!!


1 question.

What did you get for Christmas?

My answer: Money, Clothes, Chocolate and a Blackberry PlayBook! YEYYY!!!


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