Choosing You (Sequel to Newsagent Girl)

Once again, in fear Avery has ran away. Leaving her brother, best friends and her two lovers. Avery doesn't seem to realize that One Direction tour. And this year their tour is in the exact same country Avery now lives in. America. Will she be able to choose without breaking a heart? Or will she break both? Again, read the story because it's better than the blurb.


12. Fight

I stared at Louis in shock. I looked at Zayn and saw blood was pouring out of his nose. 

"If you hurt my sister again I swear to God that your nose won't be the only thing bleeding." Louis threatened, his fists clenched. 

"She kissed Liam!" Zayn protested. 

"Four years ago. Just fuckin' forgive her already." Louis growled at him. Zayn dabbed the blood from his nose with his hand, which was already soaked in blood, then left. Obviously mad at both me and Louis. 

"You didn't need to punch him, he's your friend." I scolded Louis. 

"But he hurt you, family come before friends." Louis replied. 

"But isn't Zayn like a brother to you?" I said. 

"Not any more he isn't." Louis said, with a quick hug, then he left. I sat on the sofa and replayed what just happened in my mind. It was too much to handle. 

Zayn not forgiving me, Louis punching him. I was scared, terrified even, that all of this will split One Direction up. And it will be all of my fault. Mine alone, not Zayn's, not Louis'. Mine. 

I buried my face in my hands and cried. I cried until I fell asleep. I woke up about midnight and I was still on the sofa. I got up and walked to my bedroom. I didn't bother changing into pyjamas and curled up into my warm bed. I fell asleep almost instantly.  I woke up late, later than usual, and realised I was late for work. I leaped out of bed and took the quickest shower anyone has taken, I got dressed and took off my smudged make-up from yesterday. I pulled on my Vans and grabbed my bag. 

"I'm sorry." I apologised as I walked in. "I over-slept." 

"It's fine." Patricia replied, she's the manager. "Just don't be late again this week please." 

"Sure." I said and walked behind the counter. 

My shift dragged. When it was finally over, I ran back to my apartment where Zayn was waiting for me. 

"Oh hi." I mumbled as I walked up to the front door and unlocked it. I dumped my bag down and kicked my shoes off. Zayn followed me in. 

"I came to apologise. I really should let it all go. Louis is right, it has been four years. I'm sorry for being such an ass." Zayn apologised. 

"Apology accepted. I'm sorry for everything too." I apologised and Zayn pulled me into a hug. I guess me and Zayn are fine again. He finally accepted my apology. Thanks to Louis, I have to thank him later. 


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