Choosing You (Sequel to Newsagent Girl)

Once again, in fear Avery has ran away. Leaving her brother, best friends and her two lovers. Avery doesn't seem to realize that One Direction tour. And this year their tour is in the exact same country Avery now lives in. America. Will she be able to choose without breaking a heart? Or will she break both? Again, read the story because it's better than the blurb.


4. A call forced to answer...


I woke up, feeling like shit... normal day. But today was different. Because I knew that One Direction were in this city, I knew that they were looking for me, I knew that one has my number and I knew that I lied about something that could cause a massive bunch of drama.

Ugh. Life is bullshit. Isn't it? I don't think I'll ever go back to being that lovely, jolly, bubbly Avery, I used to be. The girl with a bright personality has turned into the girl with a dramatic story-like life.

If you think about it, right now, what has happened just seems like a story. Probably one that ends with tears... not a  happily ever after. EVERYTHING is going down hill. If I never existed, this would've never happened. These are the times I wished I was adopted for a second time... into a NORMAL family.

But no.

I had to run away and try and start a new life. I guess that didn't work 'cause God wants me to have bad luck. He brought One Direction in. He made me suffer. So I had to run away again. But, sadly, God still wants me to suffer. So I'm presuming he now wants me to pick.

Liam or Zayn.

Or break both hearts and none of them.

Wait- I haven't even met them yet and I'm talking about picking. What if they've both moved on?

My mind ran through all the 'What If?'s' Which was annoying 'cause it always done that. I guess I'm trained to think about things.

"PICK UP YOUR PHONEEEEE!" I heard Adrian yell from the shower. That's when I noticed my phone was ringing.

"Hello?" I answered, without reading the Caller ID.

"Hey, Avery." I recognized Harry's voice. And I have to say, I missed being so close to him that I could tell him anything. In a best friend way. I don't think I'd see Harry in a different way other than a best friend or a brother.

"Hi Harry,"

"Um... I was wondering... would you and your boyfriend want to come hang out with me and the boys? You won't be the only girl. Don't worry. Eleanor and Niall's girlfriend will come too!" He practically begged. I couldn't just say no. He phoned up and asked nicely. So without thinking, I said,

"Sure, why not?"

"Great! We'll pick you up at one! Bye!" 

"Bye!" As soon as the line went dead, I realized what I had just done. I agreed to hanging out with One Direction, 2/5's girlfriends and my 'boyfriend'.

I sat and thought about what I could do.

I can't call back and say I can't go because that'd be rude and I haven't seen them in ages....


I ran to Adrian.


And that's when the story really began...


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