Choosing You (Sequel to Newsagent Girl)

Once again, in fear Avery has ran away. Leaving her brother, best friends and her two lovers. Avery doesn't seem to realize that One Direction tour. And this year their tour is in the exact same country Avery now lives in. America. Will she be able to choose without breaking a heart? Or will she break both? Again, read the story because it's better than the blurb.


3. 2:00News


"Y-Your... Boyfriend?" He asked, his eyebrows knitting together. Oh dear lord. Let's just hope he can't tell when I lie.

"Yes. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go see him." I said. Lies, lies, lies. He let go of my wrist and sighed.

"At least tell me why you left?"

"Again, it's none of your business." I turned on my heel but was stopped once again. 

"Can I at least have your new number?" I sighed, I can't be mean. It's just not Avery-like. So I gave him my number but I forgot to make him promise not to give it to the others. Now, sure enough he was going to go home and tell them that I'm in this city. 

I walked in the direction of my apartment. Now I just gotta figure out who my 'boyfriend' is. I mean, I don't have to but what if Harry's gonna tell them and we all bump into each other one day and ask me who this boyfriend of mine is?!

Unlocking the front door, I took my shoes off and collapsed on the couch. Coffee.

"ADRIAN!! CAN Y-" I cut myself off, remembering he had gone. I'm such a fail whale. Looks like i'll have to make it myself. After I made the coffee I turned the TV on and relaxed. But the relaxing didn't last long when I heard this:

"We have just heard news from the 1DHQ. The 5 delicious boys' have postponed their 'Take Me Home' tour. A source reveals,

'They've decided to be mature and do something they've given up on. They're message to the younger fans is 'Never give up because all you ever need is right in front of you'' We now wonder what the reason behind the postponing is. So all the american Directioners are in luck!

The teenage heartthrobs One Direction will be staying in America for a bit. We don't know how long for though. But we will keep you updated with all the 1D news! That's all for now! I'm Melissa Golding and you're watching 2:00News!"

Without permission, the coffee flew out of my mouth. Not because they were staying in America. Because they're staying is to find me. And I know it is.


~I am sooooo sorry for a late update, pineapples!!! I'm reaaallllyyy busy!!!

I just wanna give a massive shoutout to JordanHoran!!!! Love dat gurl ;)

The question on this update is....

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?

My answer: In his arms...;) <3 xx~


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