Sixteen year old mother Elaine is on her way home from work when she is stolen away to a place of misery and unhappiness


1. The Start

I walked home in the rain, I had no money for a taxi left. Work had been hard, well hard for a fast food worker anyway. I don't mind working there, i'll do anything to support my beautiful daughter Grace. If working at a fast food place put food in Grace's belly and none in mine that's the price I'd have to take. She is my whole world.  

It was cold and the woods were dark. Rain trickled from the leaves of the trees and landed in droplets upon my head. I knew it wasn't safe to walk through there at this time of night but I had no choice, it was my only way home. 

I heard movement from the bushes to my left, just a soft rustling of leaves and twigs. I thought nothing of it as it was probably a bird or another woodland animal. The rustling got louder and more intense, I heard fast and sudden foot steps but I saw no one there. I quickly turned to my left but nothing was to be seen. I couldn't really see anything it was too dark, just the outline of trees and bushes. I was beginning to get worried, I needed to get home to baby Grace, the babysitter wouldn't wait forever. 

Suddenly out of no where I felt the pressure of two dirty hands push me down to the floor. I let out a piercing scream but as I did, I was gagged by a small cloth. It was wrapped tightly round my mouth. I started to scream as the mystery person picked me up by my legs and dragged me across the grass. My screams were muffled as the gag was so tight. My head hit stones and twigs as I was brutally dragged along by my kicking legs, I was desperate to get home. This only angered the cruel person who had me under their control. I felt a sharp slap right across my face and I began to feel dizzy. 

I was bundled into the back of a car, head first so I was lying on my front across the front seat. I found out my kidnapper was a man. An ugly one at that with a round face with a round belly to match. He had a lot of stubble across his face and dark black bushy eyebrows. His hair was dark and short and his eyes were pools of black. He was dressed in a food stained white t-shirt and plain jeans, a huge hole teared in his left leg. He had a smile of evil spreading from ear, quite clearly pleased to have me in his car. 

Panic struck me again as Graces sweet little face flashed through my mind. I needed to get to her somehow. 

The man in the front turned around ready to drive then took his hands from the wheel. I thought he may let me go. Instead he back around and slowly untied my gag from my mouth, only to place a cloth over my mouth under his tight grip. He was drugging me. The smell of the substance on the cloth was overwhelming. I knew I had to resist, somehow, not to become unconscious. But slowly everything blurred and the world turned dark


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