One Direction: It must be fate

Enjoy this One Direction fan fic/ romance novelly thing :)
~Allana x


4. Wow...those were some abs....

“Shoot” one of the hooded figures muttered under their breath; being the closest to them I heard it clear as day. I’m sure it was a boy and I could tell from his deep, low, almost sexy voice.  They quickly hurried over to the far corner, huddling together and whispering to one another. Rose, completely ignored them and took this as an opportunity to slap the blonde in the face. Hissing the blonde looked back up to Rose and backed off, saying as she went “This isn’t over” and with that she walked out of the door. Customers started whispering franticly with one another, while I made my way over to rose, trying to stop her from walking out the door after the blonde. “Cool down” I said pulling her over to the far end of the store and into a seat. “She will get what she deserves” she says trying to get back up. She was about to turn around and head for the door when she bumped into something and landed on her bum.


Roses Point of View:

*Thump*I landed on my bum and felt a numbing pain start in my rear end. I did, however, notice before I landed on my ass, that I crashed into some ones really hard abs. Like REALLY hard!  I looked up and found myself staring into some pretty intense blue eyes. I felt almost lost in them; they were like noting I’ve ever seen before. Then I noticed who I was looking at, a tallish boy with messy, almost sex hair and tanned features. He looked fit in his TOMS and stripy themed outfit. I then noticed I had been staring at him too long and probably look like a freak. “Uhhh…” I mumble about to get up from the ground, “here let me help you” said the tall, dark and handsome man with abs standing in front of you in a low, smooth sexy voice as he stuck out his hand. I took hold of it as he lifted me up effortless. Why is my heart rate quickening? Why do I feel my cheeks heat up when he is around? Rose compose yourself, you will not fall in love with the boy you just met, I told myself as I stood up. “Thanks…” I mumbled becoming suddenly very interested in my shoes. “No problem.” He said, probably smirking at my awkward, shy behaviour.

“Can I get you something to drink?” he asked, sounding almost shy. I was curious as to why he was feeling shy but didn’t question it, “Sure” I said looking back up at him. He smiled genuinely and said “Did you want to invite your friend…?” he asked looking over at Olive. Shit! I completely forgot about Olive. I grabbed her hand and pulled her over to me “She has no choice.” I said, smirking.


Zayn’s Point of View:


As Louis walked over towards our table I noticed he had invited guests. I thought Harry was normally he one to pick up random girls? Eh, whatever I thought to myself as I turned back to Niall. WAIT, WHAT? I whipped my head back around and caught a glimpse off the prettiest girl I had ever met. Her Blonde, wavy hair and pretty green eyes, big and aluminous looked cute with her button nose. Her outfit was cute, but uncommon amongst most girls. She wore a pair of black creepers, black socks with a cute purple, orange and white dress. Sort of retro looking all roundedly I thought to myself as I looked her up and down. When I looked into her eyes, I noticed they were looking in mine too; she seemed to blush and break the connection before I could read her emotions.  “Have a seat” Louis said gesturing at the empty seat next to me and the one next to his seat. Louis sat down and one of the girls sat down next to him, her friend with the green eyes sat next to me. “So, Louis, why are there two strange girls sitting with us?” Liam asked, sounding suspicious. “Because Rose here,” he said gesturing to the girl next to him, “Is hot.” He finished smirking as Rose blushed madly. I saw the little connection immediately. Those two had something going on. “And I couldn’t leave her friend alone, she looks s sweet.” Louis finishes his explanation, whilst looking over at Liam with a satisfied look on his face. “And Roses friends name would be….”Liam trailed off looking at the girl sitting next to me. “Olive” she said simply, with a slight blush appearing on her cheeks. Olive, what a pretty name, I thought to myself as I found myself moving my legs over to touch hers. I could feel her flinch as she looked over at me. I turned to look at her and smiled, she blushed a little but let her leg rest back against mine. We chattered for a while longer until Rose pointed out that the sun had gone down and she needed to head back home. “So do we.” Liam said pulling Harry up out of his chair. “Whyyyyy!” Louis moaned and pulled Rose down onto his lap with a cheeky grin. “Hey!” she turned to Louis smirking as she leaned in closer. With a giant grin on his face Louis also leaned in, looking desperate. Interested to see where this was going I continued to watch as she looked like she was going to close the distance between them, but instead she quickly pecked him on the cheek, leapt out of chair and called over her shoulder, “Bit cheeky there Louis Tomlinson, of One Direction. Yeah I know who you are, which makes it all the more funny when I tease you.” She winked and walked out of the small café. “Um, I should really go after her, sorry about that Louis..” Olive said starting to excuse herself from the table. The rest of the boys stood in shock as the prettiest girl I had ever seen passed out of the store. “Well I don’t know about you, but ROSE IS HOT TO TROT!” Louis said smirking as he got out of his seat, “I can’t let someone that cheeky out of my reach…”He said trailing off as he walked towards the door. “Nice try.” Liam said grabbing his shirt. ”You do know Paul said we have a performance on TV tonight.” He said pulling Niall away from the waitress who was flirting with him, she slipped him a piece of paper and he winked. We headed to the car and I pulled Niall aside. “What on earth was that back there with the waitress?” I asked in a shocked tone, I saw him blush as he responded, “What? Everyone thinks I’m shy and quite, but I do know how to flirt, believe it or not.” Smirking he walked away. I don’t think I’ve been so speechless in all my life.

Louis Point of View:

Wow. She was just….wow. What a tease though, like come on, I clearly didn’t need the whole ‘let’s-lean-in-and-have-him-think-he-has-hit-the-jack-pot-only-to-pull-away’ stunt. She just tugged on my heart strings like she did it for a hobby. I bet she does with those kinds of looks. Her choppy brown hair would look like a home job gone wrong on any one else but on her, it just looked right. With her big brown eyes and pixie haircut, and those full, rosy cheeks. I don’t think I’ve ever fell so hard in under 12 hours. Get a grip Louis, you are a famous pop/teen sensation that could have just about any one, and you can’t get over some girl you met at Starbucks for crying out loud! But she was so sweet, and her smile made my heart melt. Her long, tanned legs caught my eye at first. What kind of guys can’t resist a girl with good legs? I realised the car was silent and just about everyone was staring at me, except for Zayn, he also seemed in a world of his own. Maybe it was Olive. My thoughts were rudely interrupted by a love bite placed on my neck! “Harry!” I screeched, not caring if I sounded like a girl. “What on EARTH!” I wailed like a sick animal. All Harry did was laugh…and laugh…and laugh. After what seemed like 10 minutes he stopped. “You right” I asked him, giving him my best glare. “Oh yeah, I am now.” He winked at me and pulled out his phone, not giving me a second glance. I looked over at Liam and asked him “Did you just see that?” “Of course I did.” He stated in an annoyed tone. “I thought it was good, Harry just seems to have some sexual frustration. And you, my friend, are just what he needs. In bed. Tonight.” Niall said smirking. So I hit him over the back of the head and turned my attention to Zayn, who was staring out the window.


-----3 days later------


Rose’s Point of View:

Having spent the last 3 days hoping THE Louis Tomlinson would contact me somehow, I realised I’m probably wasting my time. He could have anyone and he is NOT going to pick me. I slumped back down into the couch and through my phone down on the coffee table. Twitter was no help, I watched him tweet about first love, and lots of other mushy things but I suppose that must be about some model he has probably met. My phone suddenly buzzed and I sat up to see what it was. A twitter notification. Hmm. Opening up the app I realised I had a new follower. I opened it up to find Louis had finally found me! OH MY GOD! The LOUIS TOMLINSON HAD FOUND ME! Just as I went to message him, he had beaten me to it…..






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