One Direction: It must be fate

Enjoy this One Direction fan fic/ romance novelly thing :)
~Allana x


2. Searching


Zayn’s Point of View:

My god! I did not just make that sleazy move. She probably never wants to speak to me again. What have I done? The perfect girl, the perfect moment and I think I ruined it. I wonder if maybe I should drive after her? Would she want to speak to me again? Did I really see love in her eyes? I sighed as I sat down in the gutter and wondered what to do. After a moment I gave up and got back in my car and drove to the meeting I had.

As I walked into the lobby I saw Louis and Harry sitting together, deep in conversation, Liam and Niall laughing at each other and Paul talking to some sort of Management.  I made my way over to Liam and Niall. “Hey boys!” I said half-heartedly, “What’s up? “Liam asked looking genuinely concerned. “I met a girl, tried to kiss her, she walked away and I didn’t even catch her name.” I said as I plopped myself down on one of the soft couches. “Ohhhh….” Said Niall as he sat down next to me, looking a little shocked. “That’s a tiny bit of a problem…” Liam said, trailing off at the end. “Why?!” I asked confused. “This meeting is kind of about how we really shouldn’t date so we don’t lose fans.” Niall said looking sad and disappointed. That explains why Harry and Louis were deep in conversation; Louis didn’t want to end it with Eleanor. I wondered why Liam looked fairly calm. “Why aren’t you fretting Liam?” I asked, “Because Danielle and I had a mutual agreement this morning…” he trailed off looking down in his lap. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that mate.” I responded feeling sorry for him, I knew how it felt. Perry dumped me not even a week ago because of some tour or other. I didn’t need to spend any more time thinking about that. “Boys!” Paul called beckoning us over to a small meeting room.





As I walked out of the meeting I was feeling down. Like who has the right to tell me, Zayn Malik, I can’t date someone for publicity reasons. Louis, poor little Louis, is silent and hasn’t said anything since we left that over crowded room. Eleanor is going to be heart broken, so is Louis really. I didn’t feel like obeying the rules, not after I met Olive. My god even the thought of her soft green eyes made me smile. I had to do something about this. I opened up twitter and decided I would try and find her, even if it took me all my life. I search the name Olive and found there were more than 5,000 people and more than 8,000 tweets. Shit. This was going to take a while. Oh well, it will be worth it in the end, she surely can resist Zayn Malik for ever.


Olive’s Point of View:


I walked into my apartment and dumped my stuff on the floor of my room. I walked out onto the balcony and feel on the comfy couch I had out there. I pulled out my phone and opened up the Twitter app, and found I had about two thousand new followers. WHAT?! I went through them and found many of your die hard Directioners and a young man named Zayn Malik. WHAT? He was THE ZAYN MALIK! I quickly followed him back and instantly I received a DM from him.

 Wanna complete what we started? Zayn x ;)

What did we start? ;) Olive x

Something….don’t deny it Z x

I’ll meet you at Hyde Park entrance @8.00pm tonight. You better be there… :) Zayn xxxxx

Ok, mister xxxxxxx Olive :D x


I was official; I was meeting THE Zayn Malik outside Hyde Park tonight.

Thanks for reading :)

~Allana x

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