One Direction: It must be fate

Enjoy this One Direction fan fic/ romance novelly thing :)
~Allana x


1. He just may be the one


I pushed the peddle a tiny bit further and felt my royal blue mini convertible speed up. Rushing through London with the wind in my hair and my mix CD in, I had never felt better. I started to smile as a new song started blaring through my speakers.

Oh yeah,

Oh yeah,

So scared of breaking it,

You won’t let it bend,

And I wrote two hundred letters I will never send,

Sometimes these cuts are so much deeper than they seem,

You’d rather cover up,

I’d rather let the bleed,

I am a misery

I sung these lyrics at the top of my lungs and slowed down to halt at a red light. As I pulled up I noticed a young man next to me in his black Bentley. He looked my way, so I quickly turned my head back to the road ahead of me. I wasn’t going to give that young, dark haired man another glance. Resist the urge to look deeper into his chocolate eyes I told myself. The light turned green, so put my foot hard down on the peddle, accelerating fast. I felt his presence next to me, racing me, daring me to go faster. So I edged my foot down on the peddle, accelerating my car to pull out in front of him. As I looked back in the mirror, trying to get a glimpse of his shocked face, I missed the car heading towards me.

I swerved to the right, narrowly missing the car and quickly checked where that boy was and found he was now in front of me, laughing at me in the rear view mirror. God that made my blood boil. How arrogant is he? Laughing at me? Seriously? Fine, Bring it on. I pushed the pedal down a little further, bringing my car right behind his, giving it a gentle push. I saw his face look back at me in utter shock.


He pulled his car over so I did to, I wondered why on earth he pulled over. “What did you do that for?” he asked, squealing like a little girl. “Because you deserved it.” I stated simply “I what? I did not! You were the one racing me!” he replied almost annoyed. “Haha sure mister...?”I asked. “Malik. Zayn Malik.” He half-heartedly replied while he looked at the back of his Bentley again. I turned around to walk back to my car and drive away when a hand caught my arm and turned me around to face Zayn again. He pulled me closer to him and quietly asked “And your name…?” leaning in towards me. “Olive” I said leaning in too. Wait what am I doing? I don’t even know him! But he smells so good, and his eyes are to die for. I could feel his hand snaking its way around my waist and I wanted to know how badly he wanted this. I had a plan. Wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer I felt a warm tingling sensation in my lower back  as his hands fiddle with the bottom of my shirt. Pulling him so closer our noses were touching, I watched as his eyes lowered to my lips and he leaned in. Putting my fingers lightly on his lips I said “Not even 10 minutes and your already trying to snog me” with a smirk on my face. I pulled away and turned away, making my way back to my car, getting in, and driving away. Looking back over my shoulder I could see his figure in the sunlight, watching me as I drove away.

I drove away, with the sun on my blonde wavy hair feeling like a part of me I left back there in those dark brown eyes and warm toned body. Maybe I should turn back? What if he is no longer there? Will I ever see that brilliant smile again? I let the music roll over me as I turned my attention back to the road. 


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~Allana x

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