One Direction: It must be fate

Enjoy this One Direction fan fic/ romance novelly thing :)
~Allana x


5. Club Night

Rose's Point of View:

My phone bleeped


So, are we going to finish what we started?


And what would that be, young Louis?


Oh I see what you’re doing. Playing dumb so you don’t have to bring up my beautiful body and lips, which you so nearly kissed because temptation was too great.


Oh it’s on. Let’s finish this. Meet me at club x at 9.30pm tonight.


‘Pm’ generally means at night, but yes I will be there. Try at least contain yourself for an hour this time ;) xx


Pfff I wasn’t the one with problems keeping myself down ;)


….. oh…


I laughed as I existed the Twitter app and went to messages to shoot Olive a message.


Club x tonight at 9.30pm. be there Rosie xxxxxxxxx


Alrightie then Olive x


I through my phone down on my bed and headed for the shower. Stepping in I sighed as the hot water soothed my skin. After washing my hair, shaving and giving my body a good scrub I stepped out of the shower and dried myself of with a towel. Walking back into my room and heading for the closet I went through the dresses I had. I decided there was no point in going for something that said I was only there for a good time. I wanted something that said I was completely and utterly available. I also needed something to show off my body, whilst not looking to slutty. Settling for a short red dress, that finished high thigh, it had a lace over layer creating an almost see through effect. I slipped on some 6 inch red stilettos and applied makeup to my face. Eye liner swept over my eyelids and red lipstick marked my full lips. I stepped outside to call a taxi.


Louis Point of View:


After fretting for the past hour that she wouldn’t turn up, I finally walked down stairs to find the boys standing or sitting around our living room. “Shall we?” Harry asked looking up at me with a smirk on his face, gesturing that I lead the way to the front door. My nerves were too high to get annoyed or even attempt to flirt back with my bro-mance partner. Walking out the door and climbing into the car, I could feel the tension fill the air as I sat in silence brushing myself over, straightening my collar and adjusting my TOMS.


-------30 minutes later-------


Stepping into the club and scanning the dance floor I realised it was going to take a bloody miracle to find Rose. After making my way to the bar and ordering about 3 of the strongest shots they had I found myself on the dance floor, surrounded by sweaty, drunk and sexually charged people all around my age. Scanning the crowd as a made my way around the dance floor I spotted a girl in a pretty, extremely short, red dress with a bottle in her hand dancing with a group of boys. I found her.


Roses Point of View:


Dancing for an hour without even a trace of Louis I decided maybe a little bottle of something wouldn’t be all that bad. Wrong. After consuming nearly one and a half bottles of champagne I found myself dancing with a group of men. Sure they were nice, but there didn’t seem to be anything special about them. Then, suddenly, I felt an arm snake its way around my waist and pull me into the body that arm belonged to. Being the flirtatious girl I was, I decided to see how far this guy was willing to go. Wrapping my hands up around his neck and pulling his body closer to mine, I nudged my hips into his, causing him to breath heavily on my neck as I felt a bulge suddenly appear in his pants. Smiling to myself I decided to tease him. Pushing harder into his hips and grinding I felt him respond by grabbing my hips with both of his hands and pulling them towards his hips. Guiding my hips to move with his I felt him lean into my ear and whisper ‘I would never have thought you to be the girl who could make a self-respecting man, like myself, dance so suggestively’ I knew that voice. Turning around I found myself face to face with Louis. Wrapping both of my arms around his neck and leaning in I whispered into his ear ‘So are we really going to finish what we started, because you seem just about ready…’ and I placed my hand on the giant bulge in this pants. I heard him take sharp breath as he pulled my body closer to his, if that was even possible. Next minute I felt a pair of hot, passionate lips land themselves on mine.  With our lips moving completely in sync I wrapped my hands around his neck and in his hair. He pulled me closer and cheekily bit my lower lip. I opened my mouth a groaned as I felt him lower his hands onto my bum and give it a cheeky squeeze. Pulling away for a breath I asked him ‘Did you bring your own car?’


Olive’s Point of View:

After losing track or Rose, in the crowd, I decided there was only one thing for it. Just dance. And so that’s what I did. I danced with any one, and everyone. Until I found myself face to face with Zayn, from Starbucks earlier. ‘Hey’ he said with a smile on his face, ‘Hey!’ I answered looking into his beautiful brown eyes. ‘Did you want a drink?’ he asked, I replied by pulling him over to the bar.


Louis Point of View:


I could feel the sexual tension build between Rose and I as we sat in the taxi, waiting to arrive back at her apartment. After pulling up, and paying the driver, we made our way up stairs, hand in hand. I could feel the awkwardness between us as she opened up her door. After she let me in and closed the door I pushed her up against it and leant my body into hers. ‘Does this make you feel….uncomfortable’ I asked her as I leant my hips into hers. ‘No. But does this make you feel uncomfortable?’ she asked as she placed her hand lightly on the hem off my shirt, pulling it up and then playing with the top of my pants. ‘No. Does this make you feel uncomfortable?’ I asked as I pulled at the hem of her shirt. Smirking at me she said, “Maybe it does, you’re just going to have to find out” and with that she kissed me.

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