Wolf girl

This girl just wants to live a normal life. But how can she if shes a wolf. A new boy moves in and she falls for him. But how can she have a normal love life if shes truly a wolf. Will her secret be revealed.

Based on the series, Wolfblood.


12. We all make mistakes...

Niall's P.O.V

I raced up to Ruby's house and knocked at the door, obviously I was human form, Ruby's mum answered. "What do you want?" she asked coldly. "To see Ruby!" I panted. I had ran all the way here."Not sure she want t-" She started. "Let him in" A weak voice from upstairs sobbed. Ruby's mum didn't hesitate but stepped aside. Before I went upstairs she grabbed the cuff of my collar. "Break her again and I'll break you, understand?" She snarled. "Y-yes Mrs Butler" I gulped. I made my way upstairs and followed the sound of the broken heart. "Yes?" Ruby sniffed. I didn't say a word but lept into her arms only to be pushed away. "We ended this remember?" She said pointing in between us. "Yes and it was a mistake. I got the wrong end of the stick of what Jess had told me!" I sighed. "Don't you dare mention Jess! She ruined us! You were the best thing I ever had then she just had to stick her nose in our business and know look at us! If it wasn't for her we'd be together in each others arms but were not! We can't even touch each other without feeling heartbroken!" She raised her voice. "Sorry!" I said barley above a whisper! "That's why I came here! I came to get my Ruby back!" I smiled. "It's not that easy. I spent all night crying, not sleeping crying. My heart was broken because what? You listened to her! She should know better than to leave other peoples business  And you should know better than to not listen to what will break a heart!" She said not taking her eyes off me. "Please! I never knew this was gonna end up like this!" Ruby's face went red with anger. "You were the one who said we had to end this! I can not believe you are telling me this!" She practically screamed. "How can I make it up to you!" I cried realizing that tears were pouring from my eyes. "I don't know!" She whispered. "But what I do know is that you can stop listening to people sticking their nose in because we were fine! We were two people who loved each other!" Ruby smiled. "I love you!" I smiled. "I loved you!" Her face saddened. "What?" I gasped, my breath hitched in my throat. "You can't expect to break up with me one day and win me back the next! It's not that easy! Yeas, I loved you but that was before you listened to HER and tore up my heart!" She cried. "I didn't know what I was thinking! I feel stupid for listening to her! Just please forgive me!" I pleaded dropping to my knees. "I forgive you....But i'll never forget you!" I looked up at her confused. She dropped to her knees and grabbed me in for a hug. "What do you mean?" She looked up at me. "I loved you once upon a time, but for know, goodbye Niall!" Her eyes were puffy and red, much like mine. "Don't do this!" I begged. She shook her head. "There's no changing the past know!" She whispered, looking in my eyes. She leaned in for one final kiss. This kiss wasn't like our first kiss it was better! It make my knees weak. Screw butterflies in my stomach, I had a whole zoo there. I smiled weakly as I looked at her face. Wanting to remember every detail, before I left. "Goodbye!" I whispered as she hugged me one more time. "When will I get you back?" I said softly. "In time Niall, in time!" and with that she lead me out the door, not taking her  eyes of me.

I raced home through the woods. When I was passing through the woods I saw Jess, crying, I was in no mood to soft talk. Ruby was right! "Thanks a lot Jess! Ruby won't take me back all because of what you did. I hope your happy!" and with that I raced of. I arrived at home to see Harry with his head in his hand. He looked at me, raced up and hugged me. "What's up?" I sobbed. "Jess, she lied to me! she said that she'd always tell me the truth. Well that was lie as well!" His face gleamed a red as me smacked the wall with his fist. "What's up with you?" He snarled. "Ruby! I broke up with her because of what Jess said and know Ruby hates me!If only Jess didn't-" I was interrupted  "You blaming this on Jess? Because if you are were gonna have some trouble. We may have had a fight but I still love her!" I gulped. "No---I--erm---I--meant!" I panicked but before I could say any more Harry pounced on me, wolf form, and started to scratch my arms. He bit me, scratched me. Anything he could do and he left me bleeding on the floor I thought I was never going to be saved until a familiar voice shouted my name as the front door swung open. "Ruby?" I managed to say. "It's me!" She sobbed. "I'll call a ambulance for you don't worry! Who did this to you?" Her voice was like angels singing. She was talking to me, she came back for me. "Harry!" I whispered. She gasped. "Jess has had a go at me! Apparently you talked to her?" She said and I nodded. I thought she was going to shout at me for doing so but she didn't to my surprise. "Thanks!" She whispered planting a kiss on my forehead.


I was know lying in a hospital bed, I don't remember much else apart from Ruby was sat at the side and as my eyes opened she jumped up with joy. "Ruby!" I spoke as she threw her arms around me. I didn't know what I was thinking but I said it! "I love you!" Yep! I'm screwed. Ruby's face lit up. "I love you too!" She smiled. This couldn't be happening. "What made you change your mind?" I asked eagerly  "Well I couldn't live without you, knowing you were willing to have me back. And by the looks of things you can't live without me either, literally!" She joked. I laughed but stopped when a pounding in my head occurred. Just when I thought things were going fine. Harry and Jess walk in.... 

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