Wolf girl

This girl just wants to live a normal life. But how can she if shes a wolf. A new boy moves in and she falls for him. But how can she have a normal love life if shes truly a wolf. Will her secret be revealed.

Based on the series, Wolfblood.


7. Ruby & Niall...

So so sorry I haven't been on. Anyways Sorry for the short chapter cos I have stupid homework and music practice sorry guys, Jess will do a big chapter to make up for it, won't you Jess ;)

-Ruby's P.O.V-

The wolf was just standing there before me "Don't kill me" I managed to say. "Niall! Stop it your scaring her" I heard Harry yell as he started running towards me and the wolf. He turned into wolf, I just stood there dumbstruck. "See ya later Ni, I'm needed at home..." Harry said running off. "Did you hear?" I asked. He nodded and hung his head. "Look I'm S-" I started. "Don't be sorry, you have no reason to be" He finished. "Is it true?" I asked. He nodded, I instantly blushed. "So-" I started but was interrupted by his lips crashing onto mine. He pulled back "Well you like to interrupt me don't ya!" I joked. He chuckled slightly. "Sorry" He mumbled. "Why ya sorry?" I asked. "Cos I...." He trailed of when I sighed. "I liked it" I winked. "Really?" He said cheekily pulling me into a hug. "Ruby be mine" He whispered in my ear. "OF course" I replied. He pulled me into a kiss. "Wanna go eat?" He asked. I just laughed as his random comment. "What? I'm hungry, There's MacDonald or Burger king or Pizza hut or Nandos..." He trailed off. "Any" I laughed.

We chose Subway in the end. What are the chances? We sat at the table and had a great laugh and I got to know about him better.

"I love you" He smiled. "I love you too" I replied and he kissed me. I had fireworks and butterflies and a whole big bang in my stomach when I was around him, I was so busy enjoying when I remembered he was a wolf. Its okay for Jess and Harry their both wolves, but not with me and Niall. Oh dear lord!

This relationship is going to be tricky....

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