Wolf girl

This girl just wants to live a normal life. But how can she if shes a wolf. A new boy moves in and she falls for him. But how can she have a normal love life if shes truly a wolf. Will her secret be revealed.

Based on the series, Wolfblood.


6. Niall's Secret

Sorry that this chapter took so long. I have recently found out that Rosie's Movella does not work right now. She is having some technical difficulty and so she will be writing the next chapter hopefully. :) Hope you like this Chapter. Love Jess xxxx

Harry's P.O.V

After leaving Jess I could not stop thinking about her. She was the nicest girl I had ever seen. What made our love even better was the fact that she was the same as me. We were both werewolves. I wonder if she's thinking of me now. I have to find Niall. I rung up Niall told him that I needed to talk to him. He told me he would meet me at home. Our parents were out and so we could talk about anything. That is just what I intended to do.

When Harry arrived back at the house it was unlocked. He walked right in to see Niall sat on the sofa watching TV with a huge tub of popcorn. Harry said jokily "I see you found the popcorn". Niall laughed and said "you think I wouldn't". Harry nodded in disagreement as he walked over and sat next to his food obsessed brother. Harry went to take some popcorn but Niall pulled the popcorn away and jumped up onto the sofa cuddling the popcorn and crying out like a mad man "NO! MY POPCORN!!!!" Harry could not help laughing as Niall sat back down beside him and led Harry have some popcorn. "OK, let's be serious now" Harry said with a stern look on his face. Niall breathed heavily before saying "I-I, I think I'm in love with Ruby". Harry looked at his brother with surprise. He said "you are?" Niall nodded nervously without saying anything else. Harry forgot about telling his brother about what happened in the forest and said back with enthusiasm "have you told her?" Niall said in an angry tone "I don't know how? You know I'm shy!" Harry looked at him sympathetically before replying excitedly with "what if I tell her for you!" Niall leapt up yelling in desperation "no! you can't!" Harry said in shock "why not?" Niall said "just promise me you won't tell her!" Harry said "OK I promise I won't tell her". Niall hugged his brother. Harry said suddenly making Niall jump "I've gotta go out!" Niall said "why?" Harry said "going to go meet Jess". Niall said "oh ok, be back before it gets dark or our parents will flip". Harry tutted and gave a sigh before running into the forest and taking his wolf form.

He noticed a wolf in the forest sniffing around the forest floor. He walked up to the wolf and said "I thought I would meet you here". They both formed back to there human form. Jess said "hey baby. I only came thinking you would be here". Harry hugged her and said "I actually need to talk to you about my brother". Jess said "oh yeah. What about him. Is he ok?" Harry said "oh yeah he's fine. He's in love with-" Harry paused and then remembered that he could not tell Ruby. He then thought sneakily. But he could tell Jess who was bound to tell Ruby. Jess said "in love with who? Me?" Harry said "oh no, no, no! That's my job". He kissed her then Jess said "well who then?" Harry said "Ruby". Jess's eyes lit up suddenly. She suddenly yelled "I have to go!" Harry said "oh ok bye!" Jess ran off morphing into her wolf form. She ran as fast as she could to get to Ruby's house. Thoughts were running through her mind. 'Ruby is going to be so happy to hear this!'

When she arrived she formed back to human before leaving the forest. She knocked on the door. Ruby answered as Jess grabbed her by the arm and said "walk and talk". Ruby said with surprise "oh ok". Jess walked her into the forest edge before sitting her down to have a little talk. Ruby said "so why did you drag me all the way out here?" Jess said with excitement in her voice "it's Niall!" Ruby said with surprise "oh yeah. What about him?" Jess cried out with joy "he likes you!" Ruby lit up like a light bulb. Jess had never seen her smile so much. Her smile beamed from cheek to cheek. Ruby said "he does?" She had hope in her voice. Jess said "yes Harry told me on the walk home from school!" Ruby hugged me as I yelled "I'm so happy for you!" Ruby then turned serious and said "so Harry walked you home did he? Maybe he likes you!" Ruby got all excited by this thought. It would be like double dating she thought. This made Ruby giggle. Jess said with a slight embarrassment "uh, he does". Ruby said with surprise "he does? How do you know? Did he tell you?" Jess said "no not exactly. We were playing around and we had this kind of connection. Then we kinda kissed". Ruby smiled cheekily and said "wow you kissed!" Jess nodded as Ruby said "what was it like?" Jess imagined back to the moment and sighed with pleasure before replying back with "it was amazing". Ruby hugged Jess as they both danced around, full of joy and happiness. Jess suddenly said "oh I have to go!" Ruby said "Why?" with a cheeky smile before saying "is Harry waiting for you?" Jess giggled happily before saying "I think so, he's trying to tell me something. I can sense he's still waiting. See you at school!" Jess formed into a wolf as Ruby stroked her fur as Jess darted off through the tree's and out of sight. Ruby stood up from where she was sat. She closed her eyes and hugged her arms round herself sqeazing hard and letting out a sigh of happiness. She said aloud "he loves me". There was a sudden rustling from behind her. She gasped and twisted round to come face to face with another wolf. This wolf was unfamiliar and certainly wasn't Jess.

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