Wolf girl

This girl just wants to live a normal life. But how can she if shes a wolf. A new boy moves in and she falls for him. But how can she have a normal love life if shes truly a wolf. Will her secret be revealed.

Based on the series, Wolfblood.


16. Niall don't go !

Ruby's P.O.V 

I've been here for two days now and still nothing. To be honest I'm starting to lose all hope. I've lost my best friend and nearly my love. I haven't really spoken to anyone lately, my parents have been giving me space and I can't thank them enough for it. I haven't been on facebook for over a week. I haven't left Niall's room at all, only for the bathroom, nurses have been supplying me with a bed next to his to sleep in and food and drink for me. They say they're used to this sort of thing anyway.  I just seem to not want to talk to anyone lately.  I only really talk to Niall, they say when people are in comas they can still hear everything around them. I remain with little hope and the only reason why is that I talk to Niall like he's awake all the time. I was in the middle of talking to Niall when a nurse came in to check on him. "Okay " She smiled. "He's got 140 BPM and his breathing seems to be steady !" The nurse explained to the doctor who just made his way in. "Miss Butler I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You need to go home and take a shower and get some proper sleep." He smiled being polite. "If I go home I won't get any 'proper' sleep!" I grunted standing up. "And why's that?" The doctor asked curiously. "I'll be too worried. " I stated. "If anything goes wrong we'll call you straight away okay ?" He tried to assure me, but it didn't work. I haven't smiled in days. I just can't anymore, I only can smile with my Niall by my side and Jess making jokes as usual. I love the good old days. What happened to us ? I was snapped out my thoughts when I saw Harry approaching but that wasn't just it. I saw Jess holding her hand. "Glad to see you're happy !" I sneered as I walked past. Harry whispered to her "Just don't worry" Jess looked up at him and smiled. I mentally gagged as I left and went home.

Jess' P.O.V

I can't take it anymore, Ruby was my best friend, I can't believe i've lost her. We went to see Niall for the first time since he entered the coma. It was awkward but nice, as he wouldn't talk back and we didn't know what to say. The doctors entered and asked if Ruby had left, we both nodded confusingly. "She hasn't left for two days straight, she needs to be looked after properly at home." He then pursed his lips and examined Niall. I was shocked, poor Ruby, I mean two whole days. That poor girl, Harry noticed my reaction and started rubbing my arm in re-assurance. I flashed a smile at him before the doctor said. "Everything seems to be in order !" He cheered, then as he was about to leave the room a certain sound caught his attention. 'Beep Beep Beep' The Doctor instantly shot towards the heart monitor and called "Can I have some help in here please !" Two more Doctors then came rushing in. "His heart rates rising by 40 BPM, Okay now it's 50 BPM" One Doctor called. "Still rising !" Another Doctor yelled. The Doctor originally taking care of Niall told me to call Ruby, so I did.


Ruby's P.O.V

I was wandering through the woods to clear my mind, I knew Harry and Jess wouldn't be here because they're at the hospital. I took a deep breath in, to be honest I missed the outside. I was interrupted by my phone blurting the annoying loud ringtone. "Hello ?" I answered. "Hey." The voice said on the other side. "Jess ?"  I questioned, not quite sure who it was. "Something's gone wrong the Doctor asked me to phone you right away !" She panicked. "On my way !" As soon as I hung up I raced through the forest towards the hospital and ran in, getting a load of weird looks from people, I ran to Niall's room and saw the three Doctors surrounding him. Harry and Jess smiled at me briefly but I didn't look at them, my eyes were locked to Niall's. I slowly approached his body, I reached into my pocket and grasped onto a photo of me and Niall on our first date in subway. I silently laughed to myself briefly as I looked at the picture. Niall had his hand behind my head pulling bunny ears and his other arm was wrapped around the front of me as my hands were either side of his neck. We were smiling, we were happy. I remember it well.

"Excuse Me !" Niall called getting a random person's attention. "Can you take a photo of us please ?" Niall asked with his award winning grin "Sure." The person smiled. 'CLICK' The person handed back Niall's phone. "Thanks" We cheered. "Glad to help!" He laughed as he walked of.

I held Niall's hand as if it was the last time we would and placed the photo between his slender fingers and rolled his hand tightly so he'd keep hold of the picture. I was nudged back by the Doctors trying to get Niall out of the room. "We need to do this immediately if not there's a good risk he could....." The Doctor didn't need to finish his sentence, I already knew. I nodded silently as tears rolled down my cheek. "Good luck Niall, I love you !" I whispered 

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