Wolf girl

This girl just wants to live a normal life. But how can she if shes a wolf. A new boy moves in and she falls for him. But how can she have a normal love life if shes truly a wolf. Will her secret be revealed.

Based on the series, Wolfblood.


3. Jess & Her Secret..

When Jess got home she decided to ring ruby to see if she was ok. When Ruby answered she sounded really ill. "are you ok?" Jess said with concern. Ruby replied with a cough "uh yeah, getting better, should be in tomorrow. Been told I have to go in by my parents". Jess had a good long chat with her best friend Ruby. Ruby told Jess to come round as she was bored. Jess agreed to come round as she needed to talk to her. She headed straight out the door. She took a short cut through the forest so she could turn into wolf form and get there quicker letting her legs have some exercise. She ran into the side of another wolf. It was Harry. "What did I saw, oh never mind!" Harry apologised and Jess had a quick conversation with him before saying that she had to go. She ran on through the forest, stopping to turn into a human before hitting the edge of the forest. She got to Ruby's house and before she could knock Ruby's dad opened the door and said "she's up in her room, on you go". Jess walked in and up the stairs to her friends bedroom.

She opened the door to see Ruby led looking ill and sorry for herself in bed cuddling a box of tissues. Jess shut the door behind herself and sat on the big bean bag in the corner by the window. "look Ruby, I need to uh tell you something". Jess said nervously. Ruby looked at Jess with a soft smile saying "what, you know you can tell me anything". Jess gulped and said "nah never mind. You won't believe me anyway". Ruby said softly "oh come on you can tell me, I will believe you cuz you would never lie to me babe". Jess smiled with a slight laugh at the word babe. "oh ok but you have to promise me you will not tell anyone, or its my lot. You would never see me again. Not even your parents can know ok". Jess said in a serious tone. Ruby replied with "I promise not to tell, you know I won't. You have my word for it". Jess held out her little finger and laughed before saying "pinkie promise?" Ruby did the same saying "pinkie promise" as she laughed and they both pinkie promised on it. Jess breathed heavily before saying "I'm a werewolf". Ruby looked at me with sudden surprise before saying "seriously?" She looked a bit like she didn't believe what Jess had just said. Jess looked at Ruby seriously while saying "some people may call us some kind of shape shifter". Ruby looked at Jess before laughing and saying "ha you nearly got me Jess". Jess let out a low growl before forming into a wolf and jumping up into Ruby's face growling before saying in rage "does this blood*y look like I'm joking Ruby!" Ruby managed to stop herself from screaming as Jess backed away onto the floor and began to lick herself making Ruby laugh in disbelief. She couldn't think of anything to say so she asked Jess the most randomist question ever. "do you have baths like normal people or do you just turn into a wolf and lick yourself?" Jess look at her awkwardly before saying "bloomin hell Ruby! You find out this and that's all you can say! A wolf who is your best friend is in the middle of your bedroom talking to you! Hello! Back to earth Ruby! Ok fine I will answer that stupid question. It depends on how I'm feeling". Ruby looked at Jess funnily before saying "would you find it awkward if I started stroking you cuz your just look so soft and so adorable!" Jess gave a sigh and jumped up on the bed saying "oh go on then, knock yourself out". She began to stroke Jess on the back as she turned back into a human. Ruby was left stroking her T-shirt. "Awkward" Ruby said as Jess laughed. Ruby had a long talked to Jess about it. Jess had been a werewolf all her life. She was born that way. Ruby asked Jess "you know your going on a wolf run tomorrow as it's full moon". Jess said "yeah". Ruby then said "can you bite me like they do in the movies so I can be a werewolf too and come with you?" Jess laughed but then seriously said "being a werewolf is a hard life. You sometimes have to fight of the urges to eat your best friends cat. You never seen me lick my lips at Beasley. You never wondered why your cat avoids me. He likes me now but before was nightmare". Ruby laughed at this but then said she did not care and asked Jess again. Jess sighed yet again before explaining why she couldn't just bite Ruby. Jess said "look Ruby, it would work making you become a werewolf. But if a werewolf bites a human they do not become were, they become something much worse known as a wier. This is a wolf that stands on it's hind legs and cannot control it's urge to kill people. It can turn into a wolf and live with people as a normal wolf. But on a full moon they turn rough and turn into the wolf that walks on hind legs and will even kill friends and family without any control over what it's doing. Not knowing what it has done either. You have to be born a werewolf to truly be a werewolf". Ruby said back "surely there's a way". Jess said with a sigh "there is one way, but you need to prove worthy first. it's very time consuming and you would have to tell no one and your life could be hell where your always moving, leaving friends behind to keep your identity a secret". Ruby said she did not mind this when really I could tell she did. Jess told Ruby that she would have to see what her parents think and that could take time. After a long conversation about werewolves and me transforming one more time so she could stroke me again, Jess left to go home through the forest again.

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