Wolf girl

This girl just wants to live a normal life. But how can she if shes a wolf. A new boy moves in and she falls for him. But how can she have a normal love life if shes truly a wolf. Will her secret be revealed.

Based on the series, Wolfblood.


8. I Don't Want You Getting Hurt!!!!

After Niall kissed Ruby goodbye he ran to the forest forming into a wolf. He ran on all fours to where he lives. He couldn't be happier. He had never been more happy in his entire life. A large smile spread across his furry face as he ran faster and faster towards his destination. He stopped at the edge of the woods morphing back to man. He stretched his arms in the air with a yawn before leaving the forest behind him. He walked with a confident stride up to his door. He opened the door slowly sneaking inside the house. He noticed Harry sat on the sofa, concentrating hard on the TV screen. Niall sneakily made him way up to the sofa. He tip-toed quietly across the squeaky floor. A floorboard squeaked as Harry turned round and Niall ducked behind the sofa. Harry look behind him for a second before turning back to look at the TV. Harry was totally engrossed in the TV once again. Niall rose up eerily behind Harry's head. Niall then jumped over the sofa back and sat casually down saying "Top of the mornin to ya Harry!" Harry leapt off the sofa collapsing to the floor as Niall sat there holding his chest, dying with laughter. Harry looked at him angrily, picked himself up off the floor, sat back on the sofa, and looked a Niall in a huff saying crossly "and what are you so happy about?!" Niall said as his face went red "oh nothing much, just been out....uh...on a run....that's it, I was uh...running. Stretching my legs, feelings the wind through my fur and the dirt on my paws". Harry looked at him seriously and said "Niall no secrets, remember". Niall sighed and said with excitement "Ruby loves me and were now girlfriend and boyfriend!" Harry leapt at Niall pulling him off the sofa and holding by his shirt up against a wall. Harry said with rage "why are you two dating!?" Niall said with shock "because I love her Harry!" Harry held him and said with a tear rolling down his face "remember the last time you got yourself a girlfriend?" Niall said "of course I do how could I forget".

depressing back story coming up - About two years ago before Niall and Harry's family were forced to go on the run, Niall used to have a girlfriend by the name of Samantha. Niall thought the world of her, and did anything for her. He would even have died for her back in the day. But one day Samantha found out that Niall was a werewolf by begging him to tell her his dark secret. She promised to keep it a secret. As soon as Samantha got bored of Niall being her play thing she moved on to some other guy Niall never knew the name of. Samantha thought that her no longer going out with Niall meant she could tell everyone his secret. This is why Niall and Harry had to go on the run. Samantha dumping Niall came to such a terrible shock to Niall because there was no real reason for it. He was in so much shock he tried to kill himself. Harry got there just in time to stop him jumping off that roof. It took a lot of talking but Niall got the advice never to give up hope and to keep looking till he finds the chosen one for him. There's someone out there for everyone the saying goes.

Harry let go of his shirt wiping his tears away "I just don't want you to go through all that pain again, I mean you nearly killed yourself Niall!" Niall hugged Harry to comfort him. Harry's worries washed away like water down a plug hole as Niall calmly said after letting go of Harry "that was two years ago. I've recovered now. I've found someone new who loves me for me. I'm different now. I was stupid to try to kill myself over a girl dumping me". Harry nodded as they hugged one more time. Harry said "it's just I'm scared Niall. Scared of what might happen, considering she already knows". Niall said coolly "relax Harry, Ruby knows her best friend is a werewolf. Addling us out to the public would eventually give away Jessica's secret. She would never do that to her best friend". Harry nodded feeling quite confident about Niall and Ruby being together.

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