Wolf girl

This girl just wants to live a normal life. But how can she if shes a wolf. A new boy moves in and she falls for him. But how can she have a normal love life if shes truly a wolf. Will her secret be revealed.

Based on the series, Wolfblood.


11. I Can Make Things Right

Jess P.O.V

I became a wolf just as I hit the forest edge. I strided along and through each tear fall I could not help but know it was all my fault. I had to make things right again, I skidded to a hault, I needed thinking time. I desperatly tried to think up an idea on how I could put things back the way they were. I thought hard for ages. Just sat there, sobbing as I was apsolutly clueless. I lept up in excitement. I had had a brillant idea...but what if it hurt Harry in the process? That was the risk I was going to have to take to make my friend happy again. I decided I would not let Harry hear the conversation I was going to have with Niall. I thought about what I was going to say, I planned it all out like a script in my mind, just hoping Niall wouldn't say anything that did not function with my fully planned out script, because then things would get hairy (cuz I'm a werewolf, ha bad humor at this point in time) I sat back on my hind legs and threw my head back so I was looking up to the treetop canopy. As I did this gesture I let out a low howl only a wolf could hear this deep inside the forest. The howl interpretted to 'Niall come quickly, I need a word with you'. I honestly didn't think he would listen to my call, so I was releived to see him emerge from the bushes in wolf form.

Niall's P.O.V

"What's the situation Jess?" I asked with a slight concern. Jess bowed down her head in disaproval, she growled a slight warning saying gruffly "I think you already knoe Nialler". I said nothing, we both stood in complete silence for a short moment. I soon got fed up of nobody speaking and said "seriously what?!" I did kind of snap at her, but I felt no regret over doing so. Jess did not flinch nor shout back at me to my releif. Instead she kept calm and got straight to the point with me. "look Niall, I know about what happened between you and Ruby, and the way you did it wasn't right!" Jess couldn't hold her anger in. "Look Niall, since when did you take anything I said seriously?" I stayed quiet, unsure on what she wanted me to say. I felt a tear trickle down my face, but I couldn't work out why I was sad. I had a mix of emotions right now. Jess continued seeing as I said nothing. She said still with rage erupting from her throat as a growl "because of you! I lost my best friend today!" she snarled angryly at me. I really did not know what to say. So I said in hysterics, crying once more "what so you want me to do! It won't work! You said so yourself!" Jess bowed her head down once more to look at the ground. She said faintly with regret "I was wrong". Her voice had grown weak as if she herself was dying inside from her mistake. I said uneasily and with a shudder "Whu-what do you mean you was wrong?" Jess kept staring at the ground, she said nothing for a second. She looked up to the sky and said "I had a boyfriend once, before Harry. He was a human, no wolf blood corsing through his veins, an ordinary person just like Ruby. I loved him like mad. In the end it was he who broke up with me. He couldn't take me being different any longer. That's why I moved to hear years ago, the pain wouldn't leave me otherwise. You should feel lucky that an ordinary human loves you for you. Loving someone for who they are is the most powerul a commitment bond can be. You have no idea what you have done. I had to tell you this. Just please don't tell Harry, I don't want him to know just yet. I will have to tell him eventually, just in my own time". I looked at Jess with astonishment. I yelled aloud in a yelp of regret "what have I done!" I howled with sorrow as I ran off leaving Jess behind with nothing but her painful thoughts to comfort her.

Jess P.O.V

I was still in tears from my painful memories of the past suddenly flooding back to me so fast. I rapped my tail round myself for some kind of comfort. I wished Harry was here, I wanted to tell him so back but just couldn't bring myself to do so. He had had a girlfriend before me, it wouldn't be that bad if he knew. I decided the next time I saw him alone I would tell him the truth. It would be better than him finding out. I curled up in a tight ball and fell fast asleep as tears flooded my vision so it went from foggy to darkness.


Harry's P.O.V

I sat there hidden in the bushes, watching my girlfriend fast asleep, I loved her so much and was glad I had finallly found her and she appeared to be ok. Jess stretched and with a yawn she let out of slight howl of pleasure as the stretch must have felt good. The bushes where I was hid rustled as I moved slightly. Jess flinched and with a slight grown of aggression she said nervously "hu-who's there?" I did not reply for a second, I felt like messing with her a bit. Jess sniffed the air and obviously picked up my scent carried on the wind as she said with a spark of excitement "Harry is that you?" I decided it was time to stop fooling around. I came out of the bushes saying softly "yess Jessy baby it's only me". I nuzzled against her as she nipped my chin playfully. I nipped her back and nibbled on her ears. She padded my side playfully and then she breathed heavily before saying nervously "uh Harry". I made a slight noise as if saying "yu hu". Jess gulped as a sea of nerves washed over her. She said "I uh, need to tell you something I should have told you a while ago". I looked at her with a slight worry on my face, she wasn't about to tell me something I really did not want to know. I said with a slight concern in my voice "go on". Jess went right the point of telling me the whole story, how Niall had taken her words seriously and recently dumped Ruby, how she had lost Ruby as a best friend when she admitted it was saught of her fault. She then went into some plan she did not explain to me. She told me she used the plan on Niall and he ran off to opolagise to Ruby as far as she knew. I decided to drop the bomb shell by saying "well doesn't seem so bad, but you never did tell me what your plan was". I gave her the icy cold, seirious stare. Jess then told me that she had lied to me when she said she'd never had a boyfriend, she mentioned her old human boyfriend and how mentioning her old relationship to Niall had most likely gotten Ruby and him back together now. I got mad at her and my rage bursted out all at once. "how dare you lie to me! After all I admitted to you! Why would you do this to me now!?" Jess said with astonishment and a slightly hurtful tone "what do you mean? I told you now. It was years ago, it means nothing now". I just looked at her and the next thing I know she was in tears and I was bounding away, with rage.

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