Wolf girl

This girl just wants to live a normal life. But how can she if shes a wolf. A new boy moves in and she falls for him. But how can she have a normal love life if shes truly a wolf. Will her secret be revealed.

Based on the series, Wolfblood.


15. Hope Is Found, While Other Hope Seems Lost

Sorry for taking so long guys. I promise not to do it again... If I can help it :) Xx

Love Jess Xx


Harry's P.O.V

Jess fell to the ground before me. I bend down, putting my arms around her. I said with a little worry "what is it?" Jess burst into tears saying "I've lost my bested friend in the whole wide world. Niall hates me. And now all I need is for you to run out of my life and I will die inside completely!" Harry hugged her even tighter saying softly "shush now Jessie. Who said anything about  me leaving?" Jess looked up hopefully into his dazzling green eyes that flashed red like a wolf's does. Jess said to me "so... were not... over?" She put her heart on the line as I replied with "why would I ever wanna do a thing like that!?" Jess leapt on top of me, knocking me to the ground. She cried out "oh I'm so happy now!!!! I love you so much!!!!" I said with surprise as I tried to get her off of me. "I- I love you to baby". A nurse ran over to us crossly saying "no-no-no! That just won't do! No fooling around in a hospital! Go on! Out with you! Shoo Shoo!" I laughed and said "were not dogs you know" as I winked at Jess. Jess said cheekily "no... But we could be wolves". I know we shouldn't, but my inner animal was full to bursting. The way Jess leapt on me, really made me wanna have a good play. As we formed into wolves, the nurse ran off screaming saying "doctor! I'm hallucinating again! Where the hell are my pills! I think it's about time I retire!" as she fainting on the floor. Before anyone else could see us, we both ran out of the open double doors, heading for the forest.

While Harry and Jess were off fooling around in the forest together. Ruby's end of the line was going toward the worse.

Ruby's P.O.V

Niall began to cry out in pain. He cried out "Ruby get the nurse! Ahhh it's agony, all across my chest". Before my very eyesI watched my boyfriend yelling out in agony, I called for the nurses as loud as I could. I hated seeing him like this, and not being able to help the one I love so dearly. A doctor finally arrived with a nurse assistant. They quickly pulled me away from the bed, and towards the door, as I screamed out to Niall. Niall had become delirious and was having some kind of fit. As the doctor called out for more help to hold him still on the bed, the heart monitor was beeping way out of control. Then suddenly the line went flat. The constant BEEEEEEP went through my head like a bullet through the heart. The sickening feeling of knowing Niall was no longer with me right now, was overpowering. I began to cry out in distress. Niall stopped shaking, led dead on the white hospital bed. The doctor tried to start his heart. I sighed with slight relief as the heart monitor began to beep after three goes to start his heart. They got me out of the room. I had to talk to the doctor privately.

"Are you Niall's sister?" I replied with a snivel "no, were dating". The doctor said "oh". I couldn't keep my curiosity in I said "is he going to be ok?" The doctor said "hard to tell. The truth is, the wounds on his body have become infected, and that infection has gone to his brain, causing the heart attack he just had. He is showing signs of being induced coma". I was in shock from this news, as new tears began to fall. A moments silence fell for a minute before I had the gut to speak again. "Well... Is he going to wake from this coma? Can you get the infection out of there? Will he have another heart attack?" So many questions... So little hope. The doctor said "wow, calm down Ruby. Ruby? That is your name right?" I nodded as I wiped away my tears on my jumper sleeve. The doctor calmly said "There is a little chance of him waking up. Under our care it could be possible. Hospitals nowadays have the means to keep people in comas alive for so long... before". The doctor paused for a moment. I said with a worried tone "well... Before what?" The doctor said "well... It's nothing to worry yourself over yet. But if they are in the coma too long. All hope is lost and sometimes..." "Sometimes what?!" I said impatiently with fear catching in my throat. "Well... Um... we have to pull the plug". I began to burst into tears. The doctor handed me a tissue after he had waited for me to calm down. The doctor continued with "the good news however, is that we can overcome the infection with certain medical treatments we can inject into his veins, so it carries round with the blood to the heart". I sighed with relief saying "that is good" as I wiped away excess tears with the tissue I had been given. The doctor said "It is doubtful he will have another heart attack if we remove the infection in the wounds quick enough. But still... It is a possibility that he could". I said with a gulp "so... It is possible he could end up having one of those fits again". The doctor sighed and put his hand on my shoulder saying "afraid so".

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