Wolf girl

This girl just wants to live a normal life. But how can she if shes a wolf. A new boy moves in and she falls for him. But how can she have a normal love life if shes truly a wolf. Will her secret be revealed.

Based on the series, Wolfblood.


13. Heart To Heart Chat

(Just after the fight, & before Jess & Harry walk into the hospital room Niall with Ruby)

Harry's P.O.V

I couldn't beleive what I had done. I attacked my own brother... over a girl that had caused all this mess in the first place. Maybe I was too harsh on her. Oh god I feel so bad now. After I watched the ambulance take my only brother away, his belly all covered in deep cuts, I ran as fast as I could towards the edge of the forest. A tear streamed down my cheek as I felt ashamed by all I had done. I sniffed as I stopped at the edge of the forest, wiping the tear on my shirt sleeve. I leapt into wolf form, striding across te earth with guilt in his gut. My heart pounded as I spotted Jess led down in the distance. I cried out to her. "Jess! I'm so sorry!" I kept on running as Jess looked up saying "Harry, is t-the that you?" I said nothing more, I leapt on top of her, licking her in a opologetic manner. I morphed back into my human form and just sat there, unsure of what to say in order to make it right. Jess said with sorrow "no it's my fault. I should never of lied to you about my past life. I guess I just couldn't bare to remember how he treated me". Her head bowed down in sorrow as she said with a sigh "that's why I'm hear after all". I looked at her puzzled as I said "what do you mean?" Jess said with another sigh "I thoght the world of my old boyfriend. I thought he was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. There didn't appear to be one thing wrong with our relationship. But then came the day when I couldn't hide my true self from him any longer. I sat him down and told him who I really was. The true me. He was a bit shocked at first, but then after a while of talking he was fine with it. He said he still loved me no matter what. I beleived every word he said. But then it all started happening. He told people of my secret after swearing he wouldn't. As I told him I had to go he hurt me with the most hurtful words ever. He said 'Good! I hate you and I never want to see you again you animal! You mutant freak! You half-blooded devil! I don't want to be with a beast, and not a pretty one at that! Go run away with your little wolfy friends, before I kill you myself!' It hurt me and broke my heart. That's when me and my family ran away to here. We had no choice and I didn't want to live in that area with the pain of those hurtful words that replay in my head everytime I think of him. That's why I didn't tell you, it was too hurtful, but god knows i wanted to".

Jess said nothing more. She burst out crying as I threw myself around her. Comforting her the best I could. Jess snivled and said "when you ran off I didn't think I could take it anymore. I love you more than I could ever of loved that guy. The thought of losing you too was just too much. I love you Harry! I don't think I could bear being without you!" I continued to hug her as I said "I love you to Jessy baby. Don't you worry. I will never leave you. I love you too much". I pulled Jess away from me, looking seriously into her eyes. I said "I forgive you this time, but just remember... no more secrets. Agreed?" Jess nodded obediently as I pulled her back into a hug. I sat with her and said "don't you beleive a word of wht that guy said to you". Jess said nothing as I continued with "I don't understand how he could have done that to such a beautiful girl. How could anyone not wanna be with you. When we first kissed, I felt like the luckiest guy alive. I felt I had finally found that perfect girl. My dreams had finally come true. When I leave you at the end of each day, I can't wait to see you again. I miss you even when we only been apart for less than 5 minutes, and that may be obsessive but it's true. I feel we are both meant for one another. A match made in heaven. You may be a half-blood, but then again so am I, and I don't see a problem with being different. It's good to be different, if we were all the same it would be a very boring world indeed. You may be an animal, but you just remember, your my animal! You are the most gorgeous girl I have ever set eyes on, no matter what form you take before me". Jess looked at me as her eyes sparkled and a smile spread across her face. She was apsolutly speechless. She managed to find her words as she leapt at me saying "oh Harry I love you so much! I don't want to ever let you go!"

After that heart warming speech I remembered what I had done to Niall. My head drooped as I said horrified "oh Jess I am a terrible man!" Jess looked at me confused and said sweetly "no your not, your adorable". She ruffled my hair but I pushed her hand away. Jess looked a little huffy at my actions but then her exspression changed and she said "why would you say that? Your the best thing that ever happened to me". I said "It's not you, it's my brother". Jess said in a puzzled manner "what about you brother? Is he ok?" She looked worried. I said "no, I'm a monster! I attacked him because he spoke bad about you. Now he's in hospital and it's all my fault!" Jess looked at me with a shocked exspression as her mouth hung open for a second. She said "you attacked your own brother for me?" I said "well yeah. I'd do anything for you. But I don't know what came over me to attack my own brother". Jess put her hand on mine and said in a soft voice "it's not your fault. People get angry, people make mistakes. We learn from these mistakes. Best of all people can be forgiven. Niall's your brother, he will understand". I sniffed saddly and said "you really think so?" Jess nodded with a kind smile and said as she stood up "come on, let's go and see him now. I bet he really wants to see you. You can tell him you are sorry, I can apologise to Ruby for screwing up there relationship while I'm at it. We both been in the rough. We both as bad as each other, and hopefully they will find in their hearts to forgive us if we do it together". Jess held her hand out as I took it and she pulled me up to my feet. I said eagerly "come on then! What are we waiting for!" We morphed into wolves and headed straight to the hospital at full pelt. When we arrived, obviously back in human form, we entered the building and got led straight to the room Niall was being kept in. As I walked into the room holding Jess's hand, I sqeezed it awkwardly as she did the same back. I knew this was going to be awkward and hard to do, but it had to be done.

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