Wolf girl

This girl just wants to live a normal life. But how can she if shes a wolf. A new boy moves in and she falls for him. But how can she have a normal love life if shes truly a wolf. Will her secret be revealed.

Based on the series, Wolfblood.


9. Good Advice & Happy Chat

I awfully sorry for the delay. My friend Rosie was supposed to write this chapter but will be writing the next chapter because she cannot get on Movella's at the moment. Hope you like it. Keep giving us feed back and thanks for waiting. :) Love Jess xxxx

"uh Niall" Harry said. "yeah" Niall said with a smile. "I'm a bit worried". Niall looked at him and said "worried about what?" Harry breathed heavily before saying "about me and Jess". Niall looked confused as he said "why?" Harry said "remember the girlfriend I used to have?" Niall nodded to show he did remember. "what about her?" Niall said. Harry sighed and said "remember I was the one that broke her heart". Niall nodded and said "and what's this got to do with Jess?" Harry said in a stutter "well I, uh, am worried I might make the same mistake with Jess, and I really do like her Niall. More than any other girl I've been out with". Niall put his hand on Harry's shoulder. Niall said in a husky voice "Harry, mate,hear me out". Harry nodded as Niall continued with "you may have broke Kemi's heart, but she deserved it. She lied to you all the time. I have to tell you this now as it will make you feel better". He paused before continuing. "I, uh, caught Kemi cheating on you with another man". Harry bottom jaw dropped. Niall quickly said "so now you don't have to feel bad". Harry said with a worried tone "but what if Jess cheats on me?" Niall looked at him in a funny way before looking formal and saying in a deep mature voice "seriously Harry, settle down man! I've seen the way Jess acts around you. She's never had a boyfriend, Ruby told me this. She isn't going to cheat on you. Ruby has told me how happy Jess is with you. Apparently she never shuts up about you". Harry smiled with pride before saying with hope in his heart "your not just saying this to make me feel better are you?" Niall smiled and said "it's the truth, and nothing but the truth. I would never lie to a family member, especially my brother". Harry and Niall hugged. Niall breathed in relief that his brother was now happy. The conversation ended with Niall saying to Harry in a happy tone of voice "besides your both werewolves, what could possibly go wrong?" Harry gulped and said "I do hope you right bro".

While Harry and Niall's heated discussion went on, a really excitable Ruby was having her moment in the Lyme light. She was telling Jess all about what happened in the woods with her and Niall. "Jess I got great news, I gotta tell you now!" Ruby yelled loudly while bouncing up and down in excitement. "Alright! Calm down and tell me then". Ruby breathed trying to calm down and then she blurted out her words all in a rush. "Niall, woods, with me, talked, me happy!!!!" Ruby cried out in rejoice. Jess grabbed hold of Ruby's shoulders, looked into her eyes and said "Ruby calm down then tell me. I didn't have a clue what you just said to me". Jess let go of Ruby's shoulders. Ruby breathed in and out slowly. She closed her eyes to relax and calm down for a minute. Her eyes flashed open as she breathed in. "I said I met Niall in the woods. He was in his wolf form. We talked and we went to get food together". Ruby breathed, she had said this a bit too fast. Jess said "and? What happened?" Ruby said calmly but with thrilling tone as the happiness escaped on her words, "He likes me Jess, he really does like me!" Jess said "really? How do you know?" Ruby shouted loudly "because he suddenly kissed me, then afterwards he held me close and said 'Ruby be mine' and I said 'of course'. Oh my gosh I'm so over excitable at the moment. So happy right now! Loving life!" Jess said "your telling me your excitable, I can tell!" Jess then paused, a smile grew across her face "did I hear you right?" Ruby nodded with a huge grin spread across her face. Jess leapt at Ruby and hugged her crying out "oh Ruby I'm so happy for you!" Ruby said "thanks" as they stopped hugging. Ruby had calmed down now as the two friends stood in silence for a few seconds. Jess said cheekily "you do know we could go on double dates". Jess winked and the two friends laughed. Ruby would not stop talking about what had happened. Jess did not mind the constant talking because she was happy for her friend. They were both happy and there was no need for anyone to feel jealous as they both had what they wanted now.

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