My Short Stories From Years Ago


1) 'The Opposite' About a man who loves a woman who speaks in Opposite...
2) About 3 Different Farms, A Hen & A Cockerel...
3) A woman goes on holiday to see lions in the wild. She brings a little surprise back home with her...
4) A sad fish has no friends, doesn't know who he is. All he needs is a friend to get him through every day life. Will he find a friend or forever be alone?

These may not be very good because I wrote these short story's years ago and found them again. :)

Please let me know what you think of them... :D


4. The Sad Fish

One bright and sunny day the waves rippled in the deep blue sea.
There was a great big fish who was looking very upset.
He was upset because everyone ran away from him.
Because of this he never ever had the chance to make any friends and so was a very lonely fish.
He was right on the edge of giving up when he heard a voice speak to him from below.
It was telling him to swim down as far as you possibly can go.
So with nothing else to do and really bored he thought nothing of what dangers could be lurking below and just began to swim down.
Going so far down that darkness began to enclose around him like a metal cage.
But the way ahead was always lit with a bright yellow glow.
He was so sad that he did not care nor notice and so just kept on going till he saw the bottom.
He fell on his side and was about to get some rest when he saw how far he had gone down.
The bright light that he hated had been blocked out by the darkness.
He never felt so at home but still he would never get any friends.
The next thing he knows he hears a voice say "Hello" and he swishes round to see a fish the same size as him with big sharp teeth with a devious grin and a light bulb hanging on a stem in front of her face.
At first he backed away banging into a rock but in the end he realized she was not going to hurt him and they became the best of friends and he found out he was actually an Angler fish who was not suppost to be that far up in the first place.
He lived the happiest life any big Angler Fish could live.

The End

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